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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 UNOFFICIAL - 1.7 (Update: 2020-12-17)

    For those of you that are living privacy life, what apps are you using?
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-02-11]

    Thanks derf. What about the message that the bootloader is unlocked when i start the phone. Any idea how can I get rid of that?
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-02-11]

    Yeah, lmao. I've been lurking this thread and the LOS17 for S10 one for some time, and I don't really get some of the stuff so if you know I'd be thankful. I've wiped everything from recovery before flashing los. Is that fine? It seems people talk differently about format and wipe right now...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 16.0 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-02-11]

    Hi guys, I got on board with LOS. derf elot did you miss me? Got one issue, though. After installing the pico gapps I can't finish the "setup" of the phone, as it always crashes when I try to add my Google account. Thanks! Edit: Fixed the issue. Wiped everything and flashed LOS/Gapps...
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    Thread Does Bixby Voice work with Internet Beta?

    It points me to install the stable browser. Thanks
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    Post S10/e/+ Official Android 10

    Yes, it reverts only to the region CSC, not the provider.
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    Post S10/e/+ Official Android 10

    Yes. After your insert the SIM the CSC will change back to TMZ, but you won't get OTAs that way
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    Thread Issue with checking for updates on Wi-Fi

    Does anyone have this issue? Checking for updates works OK on data, but on Wi-Fi it gets stuck at "connecting to server". Thanks!
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    Thread Do carriers change anything about the firmware apart the bloatware?

    Any idea if they change/tune stuff like modem for better signal or they just add bloatware to the unlocked firmware?
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    Post S10 G9730 TGY (hong kong variant)

    What about carrier aggregation?