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  • Hey Dot... I am running your X4 rom (to which I LOOOVVVEE) I want to change the tone for e-mails, voice mail and txt msg I don't know which folder to open to move my mp3 files into so I can select it when choosing a different tone can you help me out?
    dotcompt heyas! have u done any PTG rom for rhodium?? ... i cant find anything.
    keep the great job, orgulhoso de ver tugas a darem das cartas mais altas neste grand mundo XDA. Abraço!
    Whats up Dot.

    I just DL Energy Rom 2-1-2010 and he fixed youtube HQ app , no lag.
    Thing is I like your rom much better, could u look into it and see what the difference is.
    I know you get a bunch of request but this upgrade will only make your Rom better.

    Thanks for all you do on your free time.

    boas, reparei que es tuga! Quando tento instalar, diz-me sempre que falta a rom!
    nao queres dar umas dicas!?
    hi im trying to do download your 8.0 rom version. What should I do after the download sorry im new. thanks
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