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  • Hey dotfred,
    I've got a problem. Samsung Omnia, i910, running original firmware. Installed PIM backup on 12-1-09, did two different backups(20091130.pib.d170cdc1 and 20100223.pib.d170cdc1) to a micro. Installed CF03 and did a hard reset. I can see the files if I put the card in my desktop or laptop, but when I try to restore via PIM Backup on my phone, I browse the storage card and it only lets me get to the folder WMDRM and no backup files. Please help me, all of my contacts were there. Is there hope?
    [email protected]
    Hi dotfred,

    I'm currently trying to import old text message from my previous phones (multiple brands) onto my windows mobile phone. I've got all the message available as text messages.
    I'd like to write a program that reads those files and pushes them into the mail db on my device.

    My question is: How do I savely connect to the mail databases to save those messages? You program is obviously doing it :)
    The compact framework has a namespace called text message, but there's nothing like "save" or so. Just "send" which is not what I want.

    Would be great if you could help me!

    Best regards,
    hello...just wondering if you had a chance to read my last PM and if there was a solution to execute a close all in your task manager from a command line or something with an exclusion list...thanks in advance!!!
    Hi dotfred

    I've an ageing xda exec with broken mini USB so unable to synchronise data - using spare non-functioning base as battery charger rotating 2 long life batteries. Telecoms provider, O2, not been very helpful tho with persistence managed to be directed to PIM backup &, this morning, pointed to you.

    O2 said xda exec best phone for needs but fell short on performance. Trying to identify replacement then migrate data safely. Flint, Serra, Orbit 2, Ignito, & Zest - other suggestions? any should steer away from?

    Heavy use over 2.5+ years, beginning to cause problems. Shuts down & I need to release & refit battery to overcome. When do that, lose SMS messages for last couple of months. Memory - 3.9Mb space available - can't find files to delete to release space. Other problems such as software glitches.

    As I was given your ID, are you familiar & able to assist? If not, do you know who can assist?
    Hello dotfred I am trying to find at&t 8525 rom update but every were I look its a dead link do you think you could help me out pls
    Hi there, I was interested in making a to-do app compatible with Tasks. Would you be able to point me in the right direction for learning the task db format? I am not a proper programmer (I work mainly with Solaris for a living) but I am a tinkerer! :) Any help appreciated.

    Hey there... I understand you are the one who made PPCPimBackup? First... I wanted to say the program is great. Second... I had a suggestion that I think would make your app second to none when it comes to backup. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement... but I was thinking that having some way to automatically have the archive email itself to gmail... or maybe upload to an ftp site would be a great feature. That way you can keep just one backup on your phone, but keep an ongoing archive of your backups via email or ftp.

    Let me know what you think if you get a chance...

    Have a good week.

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