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    Post [TREBLE][ROM][Q] MIUI 12 Beta for G610X

    Congratulations on the project, looking forward to seeing this more stable ROM, Good luck!
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    How do I remove Root from this ROM?
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    Post [ROM]-[J72016]-Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0]-[OFFICIAL]

    King Mars Please remove my name from ROM
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    Post [ROM]-[07.10.19]-Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0]-[OFFICIAL]

    Thanks for warning, but he compiled for his device, Havoc them and developed for many devices.
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    Post [ROM]-[OFFICIAL]-[19.09.2018]-Havoc-OS-[G610X]

    Havoc-OS 3.0 ( Android Q ) under development, wait...
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    Post [ROM]-[07.10.19]-Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0]-[OFFICIAL]

    New Update Available Changelog of all version I didn't compile Havoc-OS v2.9 Changelog 07-10-19 • Added systemwide adaptive icon setting • Added mobile data tile icon from OOS • Fixed proximity sensor issues in Dialer • Fixed partial screenshot • Fixed music ticker on AOD • Fixed multiuser icon...
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    Post closed

    I am not a maintainer of this ROM, you are free to make it official
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    Post [ROM]-[07.10.19]-Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0]-[OFFICIAL]

    I have no money to buy a new one, so I have to fix it
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    Post [ROM]-[07.10.19]-Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0]-[OFFICIAL]

    no, it will be for J7 prime, I said new ROMs, Android 10 is coming and with my broken device I can't do anything.
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    Post [ROM]-[07.10.19]-Havoc-OS-2.9-[9.0]-[OFFICIAL]

    My device is broken, when I get money I will fix and update all my ROMs, if you want to help make me a donation and you will be contributing to the upgrades and future releases of new ROMs. be alright.