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  • Hi my friend

    I am Venezuelan user of WM

    I have a Palm Treo Pro GSM Unlocked and i want to update at WM6.5

    Can you help me please...
    pls im problem:(i am not fleshing the official AT&T 3.52 ROM before upgrade to WM6.1.V6 BETA MIRROR MANIlLA 2D:(stupid not read im not hard reset only splash screen htc hermes it*s not work hard reset:(pls help tnx!
    I have been running Faria-R32 / Dr Puttingham WM6.1 for a few months now. I have been searching for a way to lock BUTTONS/KEYS, i would like to map this to the PTT. I have lock map'd on my MDA. Still searching for same for my herm. Any help? TY
    Howdy Doc! :) Just wanted to thank you for supporting the thread I created, "General Software Questions"

    I just got sick of searching for something, and it bringing up ten million threads with nothing to do with what I needed. I really hope this helps. You all do a great job , but I also know its almost impossible to close an uneeded thread every 5 minutes.

    Just wanted to let you know, I also created one for themes/skins. Its the same name, just General Theme/skins questions. I only done this to help get the questions answered faster. I really believe that the faster they are answered, which is pretty darn quick now, the more ppl will use this instead of junkin up this section. I know theres no way to stop ppl from posting things in the section because its the most popular, but i really think this is going well.

    Again thank you. And thanks for this beautiful site.
    I have white screen some time and the keypad it's not working and some time the screen from the top give me 5 pixel from down , i try to reflash with oregnal rom and with tnt rom,nothing happen. so please if any onw can help coz there no agency where i live,my divace is i-mate jasjam, thanks all.
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