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    Post screen protect

    Anyone put a third party screen protector on top of the existing screen protector?
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    Post Full guide to install Google services

    This guide worked for me 7NdvO4FpBsE (put that into YouTube url) however (for me at least) the problem I kept getting stuck on was at the beginning where you have to put in your gmail account. For that part I followed another video but I can't locate that video anywhere now :( .... just make...
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    Post Full guide to install Google services

    Same thing happened to me. LZplay won't run on .151, use HiSuite on pc to downgrade your Mate Xs to .146. Then follow the process to install the Google services. Once its all working, it will stay working even after the .151 update and the recent patch. If you're stuck on step 9, what worked for...