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    Post [VZW] [DE] [442] Why sound stutter ever related to screen on /off?

    I think canezila might be referring to the lag, or latency between the audio and visual of the screen on/off effects...? Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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    Post Transfer old game saves to new phone?

    Helium works for non rooted devices and might work for your game data. Here's a mobile link on the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.backup I personally haven't tried it on a non rooted device, but can tell you it worked for moving stuff from my S3...
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    Post [Q] [VZN] XT1060 MotoX DEV 4.4.2 update

    You need to install the stock recovery in order to take the OTA. Look back a few pages in this thread. There are several posts with step-by-step instructions that will help you. Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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    Post [STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS] Unlocking and Rooting a Dev Ed Moto X Running Kit Kat

    +1 Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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    Post Custom sound "Theme Packs" , yay!

    I'll do this nicely, before someone does it not so nicely... Shouldn't this have been posted in either Q&A or Themes & Apps...? Sent from my handheld computer.
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    Post Imei

    I hate to answer you this way, but why not try them all? There's no harm in backing it up every way possible. As far as easiest or what actually works... well, I know I've backed mine up three different ways and they all were very easy. I hope neither of us have to deal with a restore, but I...
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    Post ☆ ★ | ROM | SynergyROM VZW S3 | JB 4.1.2 | Floating Multiwindows! | Apr 20 r484 |★ ☆

    Nope. I got the same speed this morning. :D 4G is blazing fast... when you've got decent signal. Side note: loving the nightlies! Thanks guys. Sent from my handheld computer.
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    Post bbm fb social network on android

    Totally wrong thread. Try that in Q&A.
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    Post ☆ ★ | ROM | SynergyROM VZW S3 | JB 4.1.2 | Floating Multiwindows! | Apr 20 r484 |★ ☆

    It is a SanDisk, but a 32gb that I pulled my my Droid Charge, so I'm sure if we have the same issue. Its interesting though. I reflashed everything and booted, right away I still had the same problem. I tried a restore (back to Beans 6) and it works fine. On Beans 7 it worked too. I also...
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    Post ☆ ★ | ROM | SynergyROM VZW S3 | JB 4.1.2 | Floating Multiwindows! | Apr 20 r484 |★ ☆

    I just flashed V1.6 and ran into two issues before doing performing a restore: - notification bar worked, then stopped and wouldn't pull down. Not sure what happened but a reboot fixed it. - while downloading Beans 7 through Rom Toolbox the file stopped at 16%. I canceled the download and...
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    Post The truth about Kernels

    I think you may have posted in the wrong forum. :confused:
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    Post [Q]mms/sms problems

    I tried the System Panel tip, and I also tried just force closing Messaging, but neither seemed to work. I eventually just re-flashed everything from scratch and my messaging issues are gone. Its weird, maybe it was just a coincidence or timing with VZW....? Oh well, thanks for the...
  13. DragoonBrethren

    Post [Q]mms/sms problems

    I know about data & mms (and larger sms texts), but I was hoping this wasn't thanks to VZW and instead something with my setup... Sorry I should have clarified this a little better: In the past, if I sent/received a mms, I would need to switch data on for it to actually download/upload. In...
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    Thread [Q]mms/sms problems

    Title says it all... Problems: duplicate incoming texts, forever/never downloading mms (when received with data off), and just yesterday I received a text that sent to me back in March... :confused: As far as outgoing, other than having messages fail to send due to signal strength, I have no...
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    Post [Q] Help!! Needed...Never seen this icon on boot

    I had this happen to me once or twice before. My guess is that the USB cord came out or lost connection before it was done flashing. I used the pit file with the EE4 .tar file in Odin and it worked for me. Follow the link posted above and you will be good to go. Edit: On a second thought it...