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    Thread Broken screen - No usb debugging. No recovery. How do I recover data?

    So I've been having a really unlucky day so far. My Xperia Z2 6502 fell and the screen got cracked. The touch screen is going haywire. I had usb debugging mode enabled and was trying to recover the data using a screen mirror software but due to some bad luck, the random touches on the screen...
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    Post Fix for no WiFi connection when Sim is active

    It should still work.
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    Post [Baseband] D6502 Baseband Patch for Marshmallow (24/05/2016)

    I'm on rooted .570 d6502. Cant find any .575 rooted stock rom. Could anyone post a link?
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    Post Official Marshmallow 6.0.1 For Xperia Z2 Discussion

    So is any update expected after .575? Or is Sony done with the Xperia Z2?
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    Post [D6502]MM 6.0.1 23.5.A.0.570 Customized IN prerooted(RecRoot)

    Also has anyone managed to get xposed framework working on MM d6502? I get boot loops Sent from my D6502 using Tapatalk
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    Post [D6502]MM 6.0.1 23.5.A.0.570 Customized IN prerooted(RecRoot)

    Bartekreaper Thanks, works great! Any plans for the .575 update?
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    Post [MOD] Hotspot Enabler

    jamesc760 Tethering never worked for me in the Stock rom, no matter what I did. But it works perfectly in sun_dream's Sense 5 rom
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    Post Hearthstone playable on HP TouchPad w/ Android!

    Can confirm, running milaqs 4.4 build and game is very smooth, just lagging a bit in the menus. A point to make, the TouchPad rebooted twice while running the game at 1.7 Ghz. Turned the cpu down to 1.5Ghz and everything is working fine
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    sun_dream any updates to the ROM after RC 2.1 ?
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    Post long time no talk

    I dont want to upgrade also, I know i'll miss the design of the First if I sell it
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    Post Xposed Framework

    Xposed module is working on both stock and the sense 5 rom
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    Oh definitely, bugs are just sense ui related, wifi, bt, data etc work fine
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    Well I've found that sense weather and trying to add custom RSS feeds don't work
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    Post [KERNEL]First Stock KERNEL(unlock+soff-bootfix)

    What does ramdisk fix do?
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    Can you add custom rss feeds to the blinkfeed launcher in this version?