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    Post Nexus 5: Official Specs

    It is just a SIM tray, not a button.
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    Post Android 4.3 Spotted On Nexus 4 And Nexus 7

    Or el goog can just hold off its nexus line releases until manufacturers have their ports for GE devices ready. Somehow I have a feeling that this is what is happening to 4.3. Politically it would be a win: everyone gets the updates at the same time and are happy. Half a year later as it could...
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    Post How would I imitate the new Moto X voice feature on the Nexus 4?

    But you still need some kind of trigger. The "magic" of the moto X is the "always on" microphone with a special DSP which is capable to do the voice recognition while consuming next to nothing of energy. While current phones would be forced to do this via general CPU and would kill a battery...
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    Post The Future of Nexus Smartphones

    I think they both are responsible. While el goog can do most of the generic plumbing, there is a lot of proprietary hardware where they would be completely dependent on the manufacturer (internal know-how). Like radio firmware and RIL, camera SOC, various controllers etc. All the things you...
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    Post The Future of Nexus Smartphones

    Even if LG is doing some backpedaling for damage control reasons, I think the initial comment/interpretation was quite accurate. Additional publicity, benefits to the company image, more android know how directly from google developers - yes, please. An overhelming success even outshining their...
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    Post [BREAKING] New version android 4.3 founded

    Provided they actually want those N4 sales.
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    Post Why Can't The White Nexus 4 Be White All The Way Through?

    I think it is because of the costs. Nexus is a low production quantity and low cost project, so you have no chance to distribute those development costs among many millions of units. While white back is probably a relatively inexpensive affair, a white LCD frame is probably in a whole...
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    Post [BREAKING] New version android 4.3 founded

    Not sure how. It is known for a long time, that permanently running services are supposed to have an ongoing notification icon, otherwise it there is no guarantee, that the service won't be killed at will. Sure, this could indicate, that el goog is finally taking the battery life complaints...
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    Post There is now a 303K Nexus 4.

    Rly? Care to post the IMEI, say without last 4 digits?
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    Post LG to make Nexus 5

    The two most fatal problems of the UMS are the mutually exclusive access and depencdence on FATxx filesystems. And a bunch of fugly consequences they impose. Each of them is enough to kill it for good.
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    Post Snapdragon 600 vs Snapdragon S4 Pro

    And besides that - no one is forced to use dalvik. Anyone could use the NDK and go almost as far down to metal as they wish. Just as it was said - except several isolated cases it is not worth it.
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    Post Google IO and implications on the Nexus 4

    Technically that would be kind of easy, LG could simply put back all the circuitry they originally cut out from OptimusG design. But I am afraid it does not make much sense otherwise. It would be expensive. LG would not work for nothing, FCC would also want money. For the same money you could...
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    Post [INFO] LG Nexus 4 Production Date and Place Identification

    There was one report about xxxC and missing sparkling back. But I think it was just an elaborate hoax, for whatever reason... So I suppose there are no xxxC devices out there. And another thing: it looks like the second batch of N4 IMEIs almost stopped at about 740k a month ago. It seems like...
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    Post [INFO] LG Nexus 4 Production Date and Place Identification

    Btw, around 680k. Looks like they still don't even think about slowing down.
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    Post The Nexus 4 has been selling quite well (at least in Germany)

    I am pretty sure, we in Europe are not that much different. It is just a question of (relative) price. If you want an iThing over here, you will either pay like ~700-900euros upfront or condemn yourself for 2 years of seriously overpriced service charges. At the same time, for 300euros upfront...