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    Post [ROM][12][OnePlus6][OFFICIAL]Syberia Project

    Thanks, went through MSM and tried again with nabressy. Working now.
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    Post [ROM][12][OnePlus6][OFFICIAL]Syberia Project

    Thanks, this seems to be working for most, but after I flashed Syberian and OrangeFox and reboot to recovery, I'm stuck at the OrangeFox splash screen. Any tips to get past this?
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    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.2 - Sanctuary [09/19/2021]

    Is anyone having an issue with Google Photos where it won't backup because "device is too hot"? I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the ROM, but I wanted to see if anyone else has faced it. Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][OOSCAM][OFFICIAL][OnePlus 6/6T][10.0_r53]PiXeN-OS[2021/04/12][EOL]

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but can I change the number of columns in quick settings? I saw the feature mentioned in the OP but I can't find it in the settings. OnePlus 6, August 4 ROM.
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    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 5 - OnePlus 6

    Is anyone able to access the download links on PA site? I'm not seeing any builds from any devices.
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    Post Best cases for OnePlus 6

    I highly recommend the CaseDodo ultra thin case for OnePlus 6.
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    Post [GCam] OnePlus 6 / 6T

    This helped me on the OnePlus 6, stock 9.0.2
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    Post [Android Pie][Hydrogen OS] 9.0 Public Beta Version has been released.

    403 Forbidden error :( Got excited for a second there. Can someone with access/already downloaded upload to Google Drive/other?
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    Post Android Pie Treble Project DP3 DP4 DP5 PR1 Guide

    Yes, Pr1 lag fix is the correct one.
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    Post Android Pie Treble Project DP3 DP4 DP5 PR1 Guide

    Use 8.1 Also, custom kernel requires a camfix-kernel zip to be flashed. I don't have it but you can search it in this thread. Link: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/
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    Post Android Pie Treble Project DP3 DP4 DP5 PR1 Guide

    Which method did you follow? Did you flash a kernel? GCam 8.1?
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    Post Android Pie Treble Project DP3 DP4 DP5 PR1 Guide

    I did this and it works. Stable, great battery (better than PA Nougat! But with root ForceDoze) 1. Flash JDCTeam Full Treble Support Project 2. UNZIP and flash Pie A-only to System Image (link below) 3. Mount System and Vendor on TWRP 4. Flash POST-sGSI_1 (link below) 5. Flash POST-sGSI_2...
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    Post Broken battery adhesive tape

    Force is the only way. Try to get two credit cards or something that you can push a bit further in and "cut" the adhesive from the battery. I had to do the same thing, it didn't puncture for me.