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  • i really like your details rom cooking in your blog. is it possible for you to finish your tutorial if you have time? thanks!
    sorry for contact you directly but I read your blog on cooking i780 roms. I want only to point out that I never see on internet so far an explanation as clear as your on how cooking process is developed. I'm so sad that you didn't complete the whole process (editing and adding new packets, reassemble I think is just simple)...btw your work is very much appreciated and useful!

    and all my [aasword are getting remebered and i cant delete the entries how do i do this pls help:)
    hey im using ur latest rom for the i780 wm 6.5 i did allthe instructions and then after iused the spb backup restore the keyboard becomes a white plane on how can i change it back cheer to the magnificient rom :)
    hai... I had installed your dt39-UltimateROM-v3.0 [96 DPI, WM6.5 23081] (25th Oct) Multi Language Keyboard Support in my i780 device, it's so cool man...but there is something bothering me that mini opera 4.2 can't work well...whereever there is password input field, those character that I already input always disappear so I ca't login to any site that has a login page... plz help.tks
    Hey dreamtheater39,

    I posted about two weeks ago about my xbox and trying to tether with my Touch PRO and WMwifirouter. You suggested changing the packet size on wmwifirouter but the problem is I have no idea how to do that. If possible please get back to me w the information on how to do that. I would greatly appreciate it. thank you

    You sure CANNOT use the same rom thats built for the i780 and flash direcltly! The drivers, OEM folders (critical files/apps/dlls), boot section and the XIP section will be different on your epix. However, the process of cooking an epix rom will be exactly similar. You can follow my blog to get pointers on how to do this. the only difference is, you start with a working epix rom to disassemble, customize and repack!

    Hey there! I was wondering if the cooked ROMs for the i780 would work on the Samsung Epix phone as well since the phones are very similar? Thank you!
    hi sir,in your thread namely-"yipeee my uni.....",many of us have requested you to post pictures or live screenshots for tightening the hinge of uni....plz update it quickly either by telling yes or no....
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