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    Post SIM card issues
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    Post Indonesia non stable Pie vpn forced update will fix?

    you tried rebooting and then updating? It took mine a few goes to work.
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    Post Update Pie (December)

    reboot and try to update again, do this a few times. mine did this but a reboot or two and it fixed itself, dont know if its the same issue though
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    Post [BETA] [OTA] Upgrade to Android 9 Beta PIE through a VPN

    I used that ghost VPN with a one day trial and connected to indonesia and it worked first time last night.
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    Post After upgarede pie use that free app (nothing to do with me) to easily access the system tuner again in pie. you can indeed now add the battery % on the right, but it will turn into a dot notification if another icon loads up as well...
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    Post SIM1 showing twice

    turn off phone, take out sim, restart, go to apps and find the settings app and clear the cache for the settings app. turn off, put in sim, start phone.
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    Post Please help! Screen just turned off and wont turn back on!

    I had the exact same issue the other day, scared me to death! I managed to get into recovery mode with the power and volume up while charging cable inserted and selected reboot device from the menu after doing the button press to bring it up
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    Post August security patch starting distribution on NOKIA 7+

    Ah right, thanks. Bizarre, the August patch is still locked down but this one isn't.
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    Post August security patch starting distribution on NOKIA 7+

    Hmm. You sideload the August patch?
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    Post August security patch starting distribution on NOKIA 7+

    is that with a non sideloaded phone or anything weird? what network? ive nothing here on o2 sim
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    Post Any UK 1055 users got an ota?

    No update here on Tesco/02 either
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    Post UK Owners Check-In

    anyone in the UK got the august update on the 1055? Im on tesco mobile and its still not showing up
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    Post No 1080p @ 60 FPS Video recording ?

    tried moto camera app, the google camera port and another one. all either didnt list it or said frame rate not available
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    Post No 1080p @ 60 FPS Video recording ?

    the google camera doesnt do it. any others you want me to try?
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    Post 5ghz wifi much slower than 2.4ghz, is it just me?

    its being tested next to a moto x play so the signal isnt the issue. the router has been rebooted a few times and it makes no difference. as I say, its only a problem on the z play and not the x play