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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Stock rom image(s) for TicWatch Pro 4G/lte chinese Dear Janjan, You're doing a great work, pity you are far away from Turkey. Could you post the stock rom of the chinese TicWatch Pro 4G/lte if you have it on your archive? I erased mine and have no copy at all. My watch was bought from China...
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    Post Ticwatch Pro 4G

    TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Chinese but No Rom inside Dear Tedlin, Can you post for me the Rom image that you have flashed to your watch? I have one that I have bought locally here in Turkey from someone who screwed up the watch. There is TWRP installed in it, so I guess I can still install something...
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    Post [ROM] Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE (EU)

    Friends, I also need the TicWatch Pro 4G Lte stock rom. Can anybody help with the link to it? Thank you
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Hi Janjan. I nearly bricked my TW pro 4G lte 2 days ago. I had bought it with TWRP installed, so I can still access it from my pc, but the zip file containing the firmware/rom is gone. It is the chinese version originally but with global rom installed. All the roms I found in zip format did not...
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    Post Charging pins oxidated

    I had the same problem with my Huawei watch. I found on ebay the back cover at $ 45 at Shenzen Sueyue Trading Co. Ltd. I ordered it and it came in 20 days to Istanbul. Then it was very simple to exchage the back. Just make sure that you take out the speaker from the old cover and you stick it on...
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    Post [Q] Can I use the Samsung gear S and tablet only

    I have exactly the same situation here in Turkey, a gear s and a tab s , which connect very poorly and I can not update the gear manager . It tells me that it is not compatible with the tablet anymore. Did you manage to get a solution from samsung Switzerland?
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    Post [Q] Tab S 10.5 (T807) Firmware

    Did you try the t805 firmware?
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LOLLIPOP 5.0.2 /SM-T800/ SM-T805/ Firmwares T800XXU1BOCC / DOWNLOAD / ROOT

    What about sm t-807 10.5 tablet with 3G and wifi? Any news about lollipop or are we still stuck with 4.4.2?
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    Post T807 Root News ?

    All of you looking to root your galaxy tab t807, have a look here: It did work with mine.
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    Post Support List of KingRoot [Samsung]

    Kingroot did not work on my Galaxy Tab S T-807 with ROM T807JVU1ANK6 with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. Stops at 67% . Any solution?
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    Post T807 Root News ?

    I have a Tab S T807 ( Not 807T, V or P, just straight T807 ) with T807JVU1ANK6 ROM, Android 4.4.2. Can anybody advise a way to root this Tablet? Or, is there a 5.x.x android update somewhere? I am stuck with the locked external sd card access and without root access, it looks impossible to...
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    Post [qHD skin for iGO] 960x540 skin for Motorola Atrix / HTC Sensation (Updated Dec. 8)

    I installed thin v.1.6 as described. The program is closing down, asking for application database. I checked, there is no data.gro file in the downloaded files. I used Mariupol's data.gro file but it did not work, still looking for database. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance.
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    Post [Tweak] [05/04/2010] - Lock Screen Middle Fix

    Works perfect on my HD2. Good job. I can start the phone single handedly. I use Dutty's Holy Grail V3.1 WWE Rom
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    Post [ROM] [Toshiba G500] [WWE] WM6.1 Stable

    Dear Friend, Do you have the link for that rom? How do you get to the turkish site?
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    Post [ROM] [Toshiba G500] WM6.5 manyak52

    Arkadaşım, Açıklamalar ve çalışmaların için teşekkürler. G500 için WM5 ten WM6.5'a geçmeden önce sormak istediğim, bahsettiğin küçük problemler çözüldümü? Görüntülü görüşme şimdi nasıl? Opera ne vaziyette? Bilgilendirirsen sevinirim. Cevaplarına göre geçiş yapacağım. Yoksa WM6.1 is tercih...