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    Post Suzuki SLDA

    I meant both :)
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    Post Suzuki SLDA

    So please let me understand, i have a swift sport 2021 from Mexico. Which one would be the latest update for me? Thanks!
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    Thread Can the Fire HDs 8 Plus be rooted?

    Im planning on getting this one since there is vay small difference between this and the other model. Im new to Fire tablets so i dont know if it fits the same things as the Fire Hd 8 regular tablet So can it be rooted and remove its ads? Thanks!
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    Post Should i spend extra $800 dllrs for my own country version?

    One question will I keep getting the ota updates? Sent from my SM-G9650 using Tapatalk
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    Post Should i spend extra $800 dllrs for my own country version?

    So you recommend getting the cheaper version and try to change the csc in order to get samsung pay running?
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    Post Should i spend extra $800 dllrs for my own country version?

    Gracias por lo que comentas. Siempre he rooteado y alterado mis cels menos el último por eso me mantuve lejos de la escena y la verdad me quede con malas experiencias de alterarlos. Voy a ver que puedo hacer con lo del plan porque tengo uno bastante caro pero el problema es que no soy el titular...
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    Thread Should i spend extra $800 dllrs for my own country version?

    So Im thinking on getting the Note 10+ international version at almost $700 dlrs but I would like to use samsung pay in my own country which is Mexico. I have read that there is a way to use it if you change the csc and i dont know if i would need to root the phone which i hope not and also im...
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    Post Permanently remove apps to SD card?

    Is Samsung working on this update? Enviado desde mi SM-G9650 mediante Tapatalk
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    Thread Permanently remove apps to SD card?

    So yes you can move apps to external memory but when you update them they go back to internal so this becomes pretty useless. Have they come out with a solution to make this permanent??
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    Post How can I turn off "Show battery percentage" on AOD display?

    Anyone found a solution to this? Even with Good Lock there is no way to remove it
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    Thread Best music app for AHU that will not lose sync with USB stick

    So i just bought this Seicane unit and been trying out different music players but most of them lose the playlists and songs from usb stick connected to my unit The only one that keeps up when turning car on and off is POWER AMP and it takes a couple of seconds to get the library back and for...
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    Thread Any thoughts of anyone using this chinese android head unit on a Mini Cooper?

    I already bought this but im hearing some mixed reviews for this brand even thought theyre from older models http://www.ebay.com/itm/112468504680?item=112468504680&viewitem=&vxp=mtr Anyone has bought one of these? Messed around with firmware , etc?
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    Thread App for disabling Hardware Keys per-app?

    So i mainly bought my SM-p580 tablet for drawing on it but im running on a recurrent problem. When i lay my arm to rest so i can draw i keep pressing the BACK hardware key or the recent apps key and its very uncomfortable Im already using All in one Gestures but still i keep pushing it even...
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    Post Since this watch has WIFI , will 3rd party watch faces work on IOS?

    Yeah i can use it with Android Wear and receive notifications but many of the manuals for sideloading watch faces say that if the watch has wifi you may have that functionality
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    Thread Since this watch has WIFI , will 3rd party watch faces work on IOS?

    I just bought this smartwatch but unfortunately my phone died and had to replace with an iphone and discovered that if you sideload apps and faces you can get almost all of the third party faces from the google play store. But read that since many of these faces neet connectivity (weather, news...