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  • Hello... I would like to thank you for the T Mobile myfaves app .. I have installed it all but cant get it to show up in manila .... it does show in my settings however.. and allows me to refresh or see the about page... looked at hk and followed this adjustments . any advice please ? thanks rob
    i downloaded and installed your tmobile mms fix and it didnt work for me. Can you give me any advice? thank u for ur time
    i've read more about your post about Titanium
    i've problem with text panel
    when sms received i get only nitification from WM but text panel always show "No New Messages"
    sometime show 1, 2, 3

    How to solve this


    Hey man, you've been such a huge help with this Kaiser stuff and answering all of my stupid questions in Anryl's thread. I still have a few questions, then I can be on my way, and I can start helping to figure all of this out and what not, I would really love to help you all in this. At any rate, if you're willing to help me out, let me know and I can give you my few questions. Thank again man, you're a machine with this stuff.
    omg dude those NEO screen shots are soo wrong, i can't believe you be teasing us with your work ;) very nice brother very nice i can't wait till you get it done, it's going to be sweet.
    me again I see u know about Tilt(s) u know what I can use to unlock it?? Do u like the HTC touch?? Hadn't heard much from anyone execpt tech reveiw on cnet
    u saved my life with my dash I knocked the usb cable loose when updating (70% done), dude I though I just bricked my dash until I read your post. Just had to let u know thankx again
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