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    Post [APP][5.0+] What did it say? Language learning tool (Early access) 0.0.3

    In my country restricted on the store :( Tapatalkkal küldve az én ELE-L29 eszközömről
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    Post [Archived][App][5.0+] Frost for Facebook [Open Source]

    Also looks like mbase facebook view saw :(
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    Thread help, cracked screen

    the big problem the digitizer works, but on the left top cracked i have this term but i dont know what this situation, i attached 2 pics and the original term from here was buyed i think...
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    Post Huawei USB Type C Adapter

    maybe on premium edition contained this adapter
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    Post C432B383 update

    L09 c432
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    Post C432B383 update

    and how to root this version?
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    Post Delete .apk file after install?

    If you have someone uses P7 ever, will you could what i thinking :)
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    Post Delete .apk file after install?

    Yes 2nd option... Tapatalkkal küldve az én EVA-L09 eszközömről
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    Thread Delete .apk file after install?

    I had a P7 before, but this function didnt founded, googled these but didnt found any trick, is there any chance adding this function? Tapatalkkal küldve az én EVA-L09 eszközömről
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    Post [ROM] Custom firmware for K1 Plus DVB-S2/T2

    ariva 4k combo i have ariva 4k combo and was flashed with this Malaysk_K1_Plus_T2_S2_09_03_2017_v_7.0_DTV and onow im afraid because only black screen and the recovery menu not works, bricked now?
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    Post [Warehouse] All Stock Firmware Huawei P9 - 20161113

    L09 for C150 Nougat? Telekom Hungary , BL manually unlocked with official method... IM on B141 actually
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    Post Marshmallow for Huawei Ascend P7 - Petition

    On hungarian forum says end of march
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    Post Marshmallow

    on hungarian forum told me maybe march will be testing on p7, so ithink not rumour !!!
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    Post Marshmallow for Huawei Ascend P7 - Petition

    maybe rumours but hungarian beta testers tolds coming also 6.0 marshmallow p7-l10 early spring 2016
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    Post Xposed framework P7-L10 , questions

    hmmm no need api 15 , now works on L10?