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  • I love your cyanogen themes! I would like to make a request, adding percentages into the battery so that I don't have to use Battery Widget just to know the percent of my battery. Unnecessary system resources being used... :(
    (Useful with setcpu profiles)
    the top bar doesnt change. its stays the same from CM4.2.14! (white)
    the background stays from my old one what am I doing wrong?
    I am a huge fan, I used to have a mytouch 3g and ran your theme, I now have the nexus one and I was just curious if you were planning on making a theme for cyanogen 5.0.X I am even willing to donate for the cause.
    Your theme is definitely one of the best looking theme out there.... Only problem is, I cant seem to make it work... I'm stuck at boot now, waited for over 10mins already... Does it usually take this long? any Idea whats going on? thanks!
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