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    Post [Kernel] SuperMad Kernel [9.0 | Pie | 10 | Q ]

    Yep, it running a different chipset. Essentially mi 9 is k20.
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    Post [KERNEL][10.0.0] Sultan Kernel [August 14, 2020]

    Show us screenshot. Usually you will have higher drain in your first cycle.
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    Post [STABLE] Project-Xtended XR vX.r Final A11 [R |Android 11] [October 8th, 2021]

    Go delete locksettings.db under data/system. This should remove lock screen when phone boots.
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    Post [MODULE/SYSTEM] NanoDroid (microG, pseudo-debloat, F-Droid + apps)

    Usually a reboot fixes this issues for me.
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    Post [ROM][UNIFIED][EOL] SkyDragon OS [9.x][08.06]

    Check your sim and network setting. LTE/+ working for me.
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    Post [Kernel][Android 8.1 & 9 & 10 ]MadKernel Reborn 30 [Unified]

    Does this happen when you remove that theming module?
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    Post [ROM][UNIFIED][EOL] SkyDragon OS [9.x][08.06]

    Largely idle drain depends on what app you use. As long you stick with nano gapps, you drain are likely claused my other app. Try install bbs, check your alarm/sensor after a cycle (there is free version on xda). If you use Facebook/Gmail it most likely the issue as these app always runs in...
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    Post [Kernel][Android 8.1 & 9 & 10 ]MadKernel Reborn 30 [Unified]

    Personally I never need it, stock kernel setting already give great idle.
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    Post [ROM] Colt-Enigma [OOS Cam][Pie | 9.0][Sep 11]

    Clean flash, wipe system and data/cache. Flash rom+nanodroid setup (force system install) +full nanodroid zip + magisk +migrate backup and reboot.