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Recent content by DrWu

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    Thread Lawnchair and the Java "path must be convex" error

    My new Fire HD 8 2018 makes the fifth device I've flashed LineageOS to and it was by far the least exasperating experience of the five. Unlocking, rooting and the flashing all were remarkably-drama free, unlike all of the previous four, and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I even...
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    Post [ROM][unlocked][karnak] Lineage-15.1[24 APR 2020]

    Falcon342, the "Thanks" button appears to be non-present so I'll have to resort to the old-fashioned method. Thank you for the hand-holding. Without your guidance I'd still be stuck in analysis paralysis. And thanks also to Kaijones23 for the excellent ROM. I haven't found anything yet (that...
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    Post [ROM][unlocked][karnak] Lineage-15.1[24 APR 2020]

    On first boot after flashing this ROM I'm getting (red) Trust - System Security alerts in the notification area of the Home Screen. When I open the Trust app/widget, it shows SELinux in red (as Disabled) and Encryption in red (as Disabled), but it also offers buttons to allow me to turn off...
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire HD 8 2018 (karnak) amonet-3

    Once I used the proper button technique, it booted to TWRP. And I'm sorry to have to ask this but I'm overwhelmed by the details on the first page about bricking and unbricking, but if TWRP loads, I should be ready to load the custom ROM, yes? And should I flash Magisk immediately or wait...
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire HD 8 2018 (karnak) amonet-3

    I got a brand-new, unmodded 8th Gen Fire HD 8 / Fire OS to root. Next I ran "sudo ./fireos-step.sh", which terminated with 'Rebooting to TWRP' but it's boot-looping to the Amazon logo. "adb devices" doesn't 'see' it and if I hold the left side of the volume button it shows "=> RECOVERY...
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    Post [ROM][unlocked][karnak] Lineage-15.1[24 APR 2020]

    Will this ROM work on 2018 Fire HD 8 (8th Gen.) Fire OS And if so, is this the most mature/stable ROM for that hardware?
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    Post G7 won't boot without stopping at FastBoot screen

    WHOOAAAA!!!! That fixed it. Now it boots to wherever I tell it, every time. Thank you so much for that, sd_shadow! The fastboot screen is still messed up but that's purely cosmetic, nothing to affect the functionality, and that's much easier to live with that the way it was.
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    Post G7 won't boot without stopping at FastBoot screen

    That doesn't appear to be an option. Since new the only way I've been able to flash any factory image was by extracting it and fastboot flashing the individual files (same method as used to restore boot locking). Now that isn't working either.
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    Thread G7 won't boot without stopping at FastBoot screen

    I'm usually able to get my G7 to boot to system or recovery but it never gets there without stopping at the FastBoot screen. If I command it from the system to reboot to recovery, it stops at the FastBoot screen. But if I command it to boot to recovery from fastboot, it goes straight there...
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    Thread "Powered by LineageOS" boot.bin?

    I seem to recall that I once saw a custom logo.bin for the G7 that bore the label, "Powered by LineageOS" but at the time I wasn't running LOS so I didn't note where I'd seen it. You can figure the rest. Now I'm (back to) running LOS and I'd like to get rid of the annoying "can't be trusted"...
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    Huzzah! for the TWRP team. And thank you, SyberHexen, for the reply.
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    This probably is naive or ignorant (or both) but now that I'm on LOS 17.1 with LOS recovery, I can't figure out how to make a Nandroid backup or clear a cache. Is either possible with LOS recovery? I ask because I understood TWRP recovery was never going to be available for Android 10.
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    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.0][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.0.2-0 TeamWin Recovery Project 4/5

    I posted this in the TWRP on the Motorola G7 thread but it didn't get any responses, so please excuse the cross-post. I'm trying to flash TWRP recovery from the TWRP app (v1.13) on a G7 (Android 9). TWRP previously was flashed from recovery but has vanished. When I try to re-flash it from the...
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    Post TWRP for Moto G7 (river)

    XT-1962-1 running Android 9, Official TWRP App v1.13. My TWRP recovery has disappeared (again) and when I try to re-flash it from the TWRP App I get the message, "Unable to locate recovery partition." If you have superuser messages turned on in Magisk the message is almost unnoticeable because...
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    Post [MODULE] Smali Patcher 7.3

    I have fixed the dm-verity problem (details here) but still have the "!!! ERROR: No ADB devices found" with the Smali patcher.