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    Post OTA update prevents wireless charging

    I also have this problem - I have a fonesalesman slim PWRcard and it used to work flawlessly, but since the update to 5.0.2 it is useless! It connects and says it is charging, but then doesn't charge. On some charging pads it constantly connects and disconnects, but still doesn't charge. I...
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    Post Franklin Planner

    I've got the update to 1.8.8 as well and it has fixed the S Pen crashes - whoop! I can now add handwritten notes to me heart's content. However, I still can't edit a single occurrence in my calender. I really need this feature as I'm a teacher and I put my timetable into my calendar as...
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    Post Franklin Planner

    Ok, now I feel a little silly! That was what I was doing wrong - I was trying to set it in the option at the top which is the default calendar setting. The next issue is now that when I try to edit an appointment, it will only let me edit the recurring appointment (ie all of them) and I only...
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    Post Franklin Planner

    I'm also still struggling to get my calendar into this app. I have ticked every combination of calendar and still get nothing. My main calendar is on Google, but I can't get any appointments to show up - any ideas on this? I'm sure it must be something silly I'm not doing as my appointments...
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    Post Franklin Planner

    It seems to have got even more unstable now, but not just with this app! I have uninstalled, rebooted and re-installed, but still the same. It crashes every time on the "Pen Plus" tab. On all the other tabs, I can't seem to get it to sync with Google either. I have set it up in settings, but...
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    Post Franklin Planner

    I really want an app like this as I miss the original paper Franklin planner I had quite a few years ago. I installed the demo a month or two back, but it didn't work at all well and I uninstalled it. I have just re-installed the latest version of the demo, but it just kept crashing on me...
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    Post New Firmware update for N8010. anyone updated yet?

    Multi-window seems a little difficult to make work sometimes - the multi-window button appears in the bottom right corner on some of these and doesn't always work, seeming to activate whatever is under the button. Also can't see the button anywhere on Papyrus - how does it work on here - this...
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    Post [Q] Email problems

    I'm pretty sure its not blocked, but I will check. Thanks for the suggestion. Sent from my GT-N8010 using xda app-developers app
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    Post [Q] Email problems

    Hi there - yes it is school provided email using MS Exchange server. Settngs are OK because it woks perfectly from home. I have access to internet, but email app can't see it. My ICT Technician has a Nexus 4 with vanilla email app and this works OK with the proxy server, so I was thinking...
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    Thread [Q] Email problems

    I have an issue with the standard Samsung email app. I am a teacher and use my Note at school. I have it configured to access the school WiFi and it can access the internet (using Chrome) through the proxy server. However, I can't seem to use the email app. One of the features that I really...
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    Post [Q] noob note 10.1 screen mirroring question

    Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to know if there are more than model of Allshare Cast? Prices seem very variable - Amazon go from £30 to £107! I haven't rooted my Note - I'm not really sure what the benefit is - although I seem to have read that it may allow me to access my email through...
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    Post Screencast to PC

    This is a really informative thread and seems to answer several of my noob questions. However, I wonder if someone might just help me with a few details? When I look on Amazon I can see lots of different dongles ranging in price from £30 to £107. Are they all the same? Or, is there a...
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    Post [Q] noob note 10.1 screen mirroring question

    I've a further related noob question. I have owned my Note 10.1 for 4 days now and have found it great, but I would love to be able to mirror it's display. I actually want to project it (I'm a teacher), but have found a workaround with an iPad where I mirror the iPad to my laptop and display...
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    Post Show me your Homescreen(s)

    What are you using to get your calendar on the home screen. I like it and want to display mine with those colours - are they for different categories of event?
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    Post Would you like to win a holiday?

    That's a bit harsh people. Facebook may not be your cup of tea, but some people like it and you can win a free holiday!