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    Thread [Q] Convert to International Unlocked Version?

    I have an AT&T Moto X with an unlocked bootloader. Android L is coming out, and I wanted to know if it's possible to convert my AT&T device to the international model, in order to receive updates more quickly. For example, if I flash the XT1053 software, which according to Wikipedia is the "GSM...
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    Post [Q] Wifi Signal Drops When Trying to Connect

    What the hell. I changed the Phase2 and then the network signal bumped up but it still wouldn't connect, so I put it back on the default of "none" and now the signal is full and connected. Thanks a lot man. This is awesome.
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    Thread [Q] Wifi Signal Drops When Trying to Connect

    Hey guys. So I attend a university that requires you to sign in with a username and password when connecting with the wifi. I have a Nexus 7 (unrooted), and a MacBook Air. My Moto X is rooted but with everything stock. Every time I try to connect to the network at my school, the signal suddenly...
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    Post [Q] Phone Won't Enter Recovery

    I downloaded the goo manager app and rebooted into recovery. All good now. Thanks for the replies.
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    Thread [Q] Phone Won't Enter Recovery

    Hey guys. So my Moto X keeps restarting every time I plug it into my computer, most likely due to my custom kernel. So I decided I would flash another kernel downloaded straight onto the phone, but whenever I select recovery from the bootloader menu, the phone just shuts off. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Post IT'S OVER! 4/1- VZW/ATT Moto Maker bootloader unlock available via China middleman

    Here to confirm. It worked with my AT&T Moto X. Received code within 24 hours.
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    Post How is your battery life

    For some reason beyond me, on a rooted moto x the reset function just reboots the phone and doesn't work. Thanks.
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    Post How is your battery life

    I have a locked bootloader so no recovery for me. I'll try clearing that stuff in Fastboot. I think it's the following: fastboot erase cache fastboot erase data -w Thanks for all your help. I'll factory reset later today and see if the problem persists.
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    Post How is your battery life

    what do I need to clear in fast reboot for an effective factory reset?
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    Post How is your battery life

    Yes I'm on 4.4. No I'm not using exchange. Yes I'm using auto brightness. The location setting is on battery and the location reporting setting in maps is off. Literally the only things syncing are my Google apps, like gmail, calendar, etc. I use tinfoil for Facebook so it doesn't use any...
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    Post How is your battery life

    Here you go!
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    Post How is your battery life

    Extremely high kernel usage I would assume. It's kind of the same issue I suspect my device is having that I'm trying to fix here.
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    Post How is your battery life

    Haha I know. Its my fault though. You're just trying to help me. I'll do it again, and right this time. See you in like 12 hours haha.
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    Post How is your battery life

    Wake lock detector shows barely any wake locks, but my CPU frequency detector shows the device not going into deep sleep for extended periods of time.