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    Post [ROM] [clover] ArrowOS 11.0 | UNOFFICIAL [Android 11] [2021/9/08]

    With last release i notice that the touchscreen doesn't work well as before. Anyone has the same problem?
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    Post [Android 4.1+] HeadUnit Reloaded for Android Auto with Wifi

    hi guys, I'm trying to download wifi launcher on my Xiaomi Mi 10 but it says my device is not compatible, so I can't download it. any solution?
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    Post [ROM] [clover] ArrowOS 11.0 | UNOFFICIAL [Android 11] [2021/9/08]

    I did a clean installation and everything was ok now. After installation i recovered the backup from google and now everything is perfect.
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    Post [ROM] [clover] ArrowOS 11.0 | UNOFFICIAL [Android 11] [2021/9/08]

    I've tried both method you suggest me. But nothing. always stuck on initial animation :(
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    Post [ROM] [clover] ArrowOS 11.0 | UNOFFICIAL [Android 11] [2021/9/08]

    Hi guys, I've just installed Arrow-v11.0-clover-UNOFFICIAL-20210511-GAPPS.zip with dirty flash. When installation finished, I reboot the mi pad 4, but not it's stuck on initial animation. what have I to do?
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    Post [CLOSED][UPDATED][ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL] [MI PAD 4 | Clover] DotOS v5.2.1 [2021-12-08]

    Great ROM!! tx a lot. One question: is it possible to delete the time and meteo data widget in the homescreen? I'd like to keep just apps icons. tx
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    Post [ROM][PORT][10.0.0] MIUI 12 China Dev & Xiaomi EU [27.04.20]

    do you think you'll port xiaomi.eu for mipad 4? i would like italian language :)
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10] BlissRoms v12.10 [clover / MiPad4/ MiPad4 Plus]

    tutorial hi guys, is there any videotutorial to flash this rom in my mi pad 4?
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    Post [ROM][PORT][10.0.0] MIUI 12 China Dev & Xiaomi EU [27.04.20]

    Mipad 4 is it just for Mipad 4 Plus or can i use it on my Mipad 4? tx
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    Post [UPDATED 31/07/18] Camera Mods (Google, HTC, Moto, OnePlus & more) & AR Stickers

    crash on settings everything fine on Xiaomi.eu developer based on nougat. the problem is that when I click on "settings", google camera crashes. is there a fix?