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    Thread blueish display

    Hi i feel like LG g5se (h845) screen is to cold or bluish. There is no comfort view or reader mode like other LG phones. Even the cheap Stylus 2 have that option. What can i do to reduce this? I don't like overlays, please don't suggest me overlays. I already tried enabling night mode for...
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    Post [ROM][Nougat][920F][13.03.2017] - Freakz Rom V2.0 [Odexed]

    Is it working without flashing root? I need a rom that is not rooted. My rom thor v2 cannot boot unless root flashed. Thanks
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    Post how to unroot nougat

    Uninstaller not working. It looks like the ROM (thor v2) already modifies the boot, so it's not working without root. It's bootlooping to recovery screen. Is it?
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    Post [GUIDE][MOD][ROOT]Edit screen saturation and calibration via KPPD

    is it possible without root? having h845 (G5se) is very bad since no method available to root it. for example, can we push the files via adb? screen is too blue. please help.
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    Thread how to unroot nougat

    Hi, I installed Thor v2 rom, nougat. However, i can't find a way to unroot it, whether using SuperSU unroot menu, or installing other kernel. Upon boot, it shows samsung, but then back again to TWRP recovery, cannot go straight to OS. Please help. I really need to unroot since i wanted to use...
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    Post I need to know how to install app on system

    Just move the apk to system/app, change permission to 644. No need to create a folder first.
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    Post [ROM][7.0][SM-G920/5 F-FD-I-K-L-S][03/01/2018] MiPa ROM V.0.3.5

    Can i flash kernel only, please? Can i have the zip for that? Because i just need a stock kernel with underclock. Thanks!
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    Post Center clock Nougat

    Noble is mm. My mod is for nougat.
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    Post Center clock Nougat

    I'm not modifying the volume panel, btw :)
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    Post Center clock Nougat

    What is your rom? It should be just replacing and changing the permission. Maybe you miss the permission part? It's just for 7.0 btw, so what is your rom?
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    Thread Center clock Nougat

    Hi i make a little modification to SystemUI on nougat, just centering the clock and remove carrier text on lockscreen. I tested it in debloated to the bone (Thor v2) rom 7.0. It should work in other roms too. Just replace the SystemUI.apk using root explorer, set permission 644, reboot...
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    Post [ALEXIS ROM THE END][SM-G92xF/I/D/K/L/S/T/W8][05/02/2017][6.0.1 5DQA7]

    Anyone have the old 8.1.1? Please i need that. Cant find it in the main link. I read that the battery is better. Please.
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    Post Downgrade MM to LP?

    Thanks. Anybody did this already? I'm not using fingerprint so i'm fine.
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    Thread Downgrade MM to LP?

    I know there are a lot of threads. I read it's impossible. But another says possible using pda file with pit info, but i can't file proper file for g920i. Are there any workaround to dowgrade? I googled everything, but no luck. Stuck on MM. Mm battery is bad for me. Can we install custom rom LP...
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    Post Somebody had the z3 compact WITHOUT issues?

    Touch screen top area not responding issue. Claimed warranty, they changed the screen, but now my screen placement is not well aligned, the right side have a big gap compared to left. Thus, phone looks ugly and not waterproof. I dont know why the replacement screen (i think) is smaller, thus...