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    Post Thin fit, minimalist case

    Thanks man, I was looking for this exact one. Basically, same as MNML/PEEL/Totallee case?
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    Thread [Q] ADB command to check how much time spent on 90HZ

    There was a article or a post on xda about this.But, I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know what's the adb command to get stats about how much time spent between the two refresh rates.
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    Thread [Android 11] how do I clear YT Music notification

    Is this a bug? I cannot clear music notification from the expanded notification shade. Android 10 had a small "x" that would clear the notification. https:/
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    Post [KERNEL][12/06/2020][SafetyNet]fsociety for Google Pixel 4/XL[4.14.210]

    V2.11 for androd 10 has been fantastic so far. This is probably the fastest/smoothest kernel I've tried so far. Animations are buttery smooth with no frame drops at all. I was skeptical about battery life at first because its using performance governer on the little cluster. But I'm getting on...
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    Post Toggle private DNS

    Hey man, if you are still interested, you can import my Tasker actions from here Here an imgur gallery of all the screenshots as well.
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    Post [MAGISK] Enable App Suggestions and Overview Selection in Pixel Launcher

    Anything I can do to resolve this? Is there a easy way for me to troubleshoot and fix this myself?
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    Post [MAGISK] Enable App Suggestions and Overview Selection in Pixel Launcher

    is this still working? Pixel launcher is crashing non-stop for me.
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    Post [Kernel][17.08.2022][4.14.290][A12][A13] Kirisakura 9.0.0 for Pixel 4/XL aka FLORAL

    So BBS(2.5-337) says that my phone is awake all the time, but it doesn't show any partial or kernel wakelocks. Running fully stock with kernel. Any thoughts?
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    Post [Kernel][17.08.2022][4.14.290][A12][A13] Kirisakura 9.0.0 for Pixel 4/XL aka FLORAL Since you said you forgot to add HBM to the latest release, I'm guessing that we would have to wait for the next release to take advantage of this? But, I could still see a very small increase in brightness when i run the...
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    Post Toggle private DNS

    QS Tile photo attached
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    Post Toggle private DNS

    You can do this via tasker, i have a QS Tile to toggle the private DNS, let me know if you are interested.
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    If you get stuck on the bootloader OR you want to keep root, you can follow the below steps. 1) flash the patched_boot.img from 2) flash the Arter's IMG version of the kernel via Ex Kernel...
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    Post Lawnchair - Customizable Pixel Launcher

    Im currently using the latest version without any issues. Any chance you have quickstep enabled with Oneplus Navigation gestures? Quickstep doesnt support oneplus gestures
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    Post [Kernel][21.08.2021][4.14.243][Android 11] Kirisakura 1.3.9_R for OP7/Pro aka Guacamole

    Don't worry for now, I just changed to white and back dark theme, and it seems to stick now. I dont have any other magisk modules other than your companion module and Google Dialer framework.