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  1. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    Correction all seems fine now, just been rapidly going from app to homescreen and its fine, settling in period I think 🤣 for anyone in doubt don't be , it's running just fine, get aboard ....😛
  2. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    So been running Android 11 for most of the day and all seems fine, there is a bit of (don't want to say lag) but jitter when returning to the homescreen, but I am running Nova Launcher and that itself isn't the best in terms of fluidity.
  3. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    Not getting a Christmas Treat from Samsung then.......🤣
  4. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    £1800 for our Z Fold 2, no priority, Samsung needs to change this (but they wont). I get it they will be different components to thr software, however imo i would have started with the more complex, then worked down to the N20 Ultra, ect, it would then make those who spent the premium feel a...
  5. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    So the coming soon part "i was wrong "........:rolleyes:
  6. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    Hopefully it will be this week, but I ain't going to hold my breath 🤣
  7. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    The beta for the S10 has been released, so my guess is Tomorrow for the Z Fold 2......(Unconfirmed)........but ......fingers Crossed......?
  8. Duncan1982

    Thread OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    The official roadmap just dropped and we're supposed to be getting the official in January. A little outside the discourse but at this point I figured I'm going to wait and skip dealing with the beta and others might have a similar plan knowing it's going to hit relatively soon.
  9. Duncan1982

    Post OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    By what i have read and according to the below article, we should see the beta later this week ......:svetius: https://www.sammobile.com/news/samsung-resumes-one-ui-3-0-beta-with-galaxy-z-flip-more-to-follow/amp/
  10. Duncan1982

    Post NewPipe For YouTube

    Here is a Gdrive link .......:svetius: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12bY9_tR1yBYWs1aNW2VqwqkZhAdBgExS/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. Duncan1982

    Thread NewPipe For YouTube

    For all that might be missing Full Screen YouTube, I'd highly suggest using NewPipe, it works and fills the screen nicely (without to much of a crop). I can now fully enjoy the large canvas ......? https://mega.nz/file/nEYwzT5S#OFZXVyoP_MKYDOATKRhQvM8s-q75IdRbVPGAQuS6p6c
  12. Duncan1982

    Post i have snapdragon 865 not + can it be?

    To put the 865+ to bed ........? here it is definitely the 865+........?
  13. Duncan1982

    Post Skins

    My Dbrand Skin arrived & Looking Great.........?
  14. Duncan1982

    Post Quality feel (use of materials)

    Well I have had my fold 2 for a few days now, upon the unboxining and first initial impressions I most certainly didn't go oh this is fragile. The fold 2 feels extremely well constructed and after watching Zacks video I feel even more confident. People say oh but the inner display will scratch...
  15. Duncan1982

    Post small noise when closing the fold

    Yes the noise you are hearing are the brushes ........?