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  • Hi i was reading the forums and seen that u have a ring tone i have been lookin for its the ring ring ring that gets progressivly louder . Can u please tell me where i can get it thanks bob
    not sure if you remember me or not, you helped me switch my wing over to touch flo a while back. I was checking out a thread you posted about using the handset as a webcam. Here is what I am trying to do. I would like to use my phone as a webcam and stream to my website, is that a possiblitity, or am I just dreaming?
    i think u and i have the same style.
    but how did u get blue tooth and mms to work on the ROM HERALD_WWE_6.1.405.14_ and 13 BUILD (red manillia)????
    Hey.... Do You Know Of Any Gooood Aim Programs/services You Can Download For The Wing? I Have Octrotalk, And "slick" There Ok... Is There Any Better??
    hey i just got the htc touch diamond for sprint and can you help me flash my phone to metro pcs are may know someone the could??? are have a unlock and flashing touch diamond tutorial please help me if you can... my email is [email protected] MI-YAYO
    Hey I saw your post and it seems like you know a lot about the wing. I recently had a problem with earpiece. For some reason the volume is really low and when i put the volume up to the max it doesnt chage at all. is there any direction you cant point me in to fix this. ive tryed the soundbooster programs but that doesnt work. is there any registry codes i could use to fix this? thanks for your help!
    I just wanted to thankyou for explaining things (like your key board fix for t-wing) so that even a newbie like me can get it. it's because of your posts that convinced me to use aserg's rom. everything so far has worked perfectly. thanks for giving me the confidence to spread my "wings" (I know it's a pun). have a great holiday.
    hey David im using the same rom as you and i was just wondering if you are using a button map app to fix the windows button from activating the task manager
    hey player its good to see another puertorican on here and thanks for all info on the wing i have tried a few but some that i want to do i just dont understand how to work them so dont try still trying to learn some stuff im new to this stuff but thanks again
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