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  • when i cook with earvius vk for gene,the resulting rom shows only 19 mb free ram and then after in 5 seconds it is constently decreasing till it reaches 14 mb ram.....it is happening with all 6.5.3 builds.....help
    hi bro,
    u have good news i successfully restore my GENE100 with JTAG method. so now i want to write a guide so tell me how can i make a thread sticky.....
    can u tell me which which lpt pin setting 100% work for gene Jtag Method. In these picture there is small difference please look at 14 no. pin in lpt for which picture will work for me (A) which is connected to 14. and 18-25 and in (B) picture wire is connect to outer body of lpt port..... WHICH IS CORRECT tell me.
    Here Is link

    can any one tell me how to restore my htc p3400i back to normal. i have a device HTC P3400i GENE100. i use a guide on this site of KRAZY_ABOUT i successfully install orefkov and after install that i upgrade my original ROM WM6.0 to cooked wm6.1 (by lemlon). after install the cook rom i get my device too slow so then i reinstall RUU_Gene_hTC_Asia_India_1.17.720.1_4.1.13.34_02.79 .90_Ship.exe i was really dont know it was for old gene. after install it my HTC is restart and not booting up and not going into bootloader mode and i tried evey combination of key (camera+power button or vol+cam+power or press both "-" button and insert batt.)to go in bootloader mode.... PLZ Help me i m suffer with this problem.
    hmm...ok...i think u sud mention dis ....i tried with dat...bt previously i dint knew that it had to b d same sys nd xip of d same build..so i was heartbokrn at first...lolll
    dude cn yew tell me sumthing i need a hlp 4m yew...while dumping a rom its givin an error saying dt caaont find boot.bat[wen im keeping it in a folder]bt wen im keeping it in d root of d kitchen its givin me an error saying "c:\dump\erviuspackages' could not b found.....

    nd 2nd thing is can u tell me how to use da DUMP folder to make a new rom..plss rply
    hi, thanks for reply...i have been using your sys package for cooking opal rom....

    one thing i would like to ask is, how to look for slot 0 while cooking...how much virtual memory consumed by slot 0..... and to know which modules should i recmod to free up slot 0?
    hey dude!!im a noob chef bt still i hv sumthing 2 tell yew in d case of 28014 [WMD] it is having sys of 28014 bt not xip of it...d xip is haiving of 21887 build...can u check it???
    i have successfully make 6.5.3 rom for opal but some few bug is there

    1> send key for sms send not working for arcsoft mms composer.....{instead of displaying text on start menu it show messaging! why?} this not happened with gene

    2> hard reset is necessory after flashing the rom in order to work home settings and internet sharing..

    waiting for reply.....
    hey duron i created cab of htc animation which also contain shutdown aniamation check out in games and apps section
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