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  • Hello,
    i've got a question..
    Today i found an article wich says that windows mobile 6.5 will be released today..
    will you update the rom for the touch diamond to windows mobile 6.5?
    this would be cool.

    ps: your roms are great!!

    I´m from protugal and, if you tell me what was the last rom you have cook for the terminal HTC diamond.
    and where con i download.
    Thank you
    andkeep the good work.
    it wasn't just a ringtone. it was a song that paused and told you who was calling. ''call from blank on mobile phone''
    hey dude
    big fan of your work but i have come across a major problemo
    i have never been one to know os version numbers or rom version numbers or radio things or spl
    what i usually understand is downloading a rom, installing it and using it

    i got a kaiser thats not responding the way i feel it should
    it is originally a mda vario 3, so what can i do
    can u possibly make a list of rom's radio n stuff that i need to make it work properly
    the major problemo is that the phone will not get any data connection gprs sometimes but never 3G or H or E
    how can i fix that
    Dear Sir,

    I downloaded the V4 version of your rom (Duttys_5.2.20764.1.4.3_V4_Full_MSVC__2.03_), and i don't know where is the password posted,... can you assist please?

    Hi Dutty, I m Marcelo D'Anunzio from Brazil, I just installed the new rom 3.5 Dutty's for Kaiser. I already saw some guys claiming about media palyer reseting the device. Do you have fixed this problem? plese give me a tip.tks a lot for your great job. This is a 3rd your rom that I use.
    hey there, sorry to disturb but could you possibly tell me where I can get the password for the rar of
    ChangeLog V3.6b Final [ 5.2.20931.1.5.0 ]...why is there a password anyways??:confused:
    dear mr.dutty....i hate you. i hate your sweets...i hate your big red busses...i hate your big clock...and most of all i hate the fact that you wont cook a touch pro rom for me!!! WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN!!!!!
    Big problem in xperia plz help anyone
    i did hard spl and install generic uk rom in my xperia befor tht i have swedish rom..but i install uk rom now

    but i hav facing one problem in my mobile
    tht is i install one programme name resco backup ..i did whole backup of my phone ..

    yesterday i was restoring my backup but tht taking long time tht y i thing i will do in the morning ...and i cancled in half of process..and phone was restart
    and when phone started then lots of folder missed becoz of that
    no setting folder all system folder gone
    i miss my backup file also
    what can i do plz some one help me
    just wondered why you stopped using msvc? always found it easier to use cos i'm to lazy to record the commands with cvsd. Do you know where i can download msvc to install it on your latest 3.3 Rom. They are brilliant btw ive been using them since 1.6 cheers Dutty
    where do i find the pw for v3? and it's just a suggestion but please quit using passwords for the zips :-D
    hello dutty! Ur ROM is FLYING! been using ur ROM since 1.8 i think.
    lately i havnt been on xda since i felt like ur 2.9 was final. but now i see u released the 3.0 and i was reading about it but took a little while until i found the page where u released the 3.0.

    mayb u could add this to the second post so ppl mayb know where to read about others testing the new ROM.
    this mayb will reduce the repeating bug reports.

    thanks again for the excellent ROM's
    It's a Nice ROM, I flashed the V2.8RTM and Radio bs14, how can I set it auto turn off screen during call, I found screen and backlight always on while a call, it's too waste power.
    Even I tweaked
    HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\EnableFastDormantDisplayD uringCall "1"
    HKCU\ControlPanel\Phone\Sleep "1"

    how can i do? thank you
    hey Dutty could you tell me what communication manager you are using also could you tell me where to get a calculator skin like the htc theme you have ?? I have kinda the same theme going on here but need those too things.... Thanks
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