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    Post TVision HUB

    I was able to get the block names, but as you know there is no external sdcard so it makes it difficult to backup partitions or anything else. I was able to connect to it via adb wifi with no issue.
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    Post AMLogic S912 & S905 FAQ ✰ Fix Root, Hide SU, Backup/Restore... ✩ Media Player TV Box!

    Hello, i have an issue. I have a S905Y2 device (TVision Hub by Tmobile). The problem I have is they didnt include a micro sdcard slot. How can I still pull the partitions or back up the partitions to the main storage which i can just pull from there. But right now i can't pull, backup, or...
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    Post project SLIMBOX

    Do anyone here have the Tmobile TVision Hub? Its a Amlogic S905Y2. I want to look at getting this on my devices (3)
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    Post TVision HUB

    So with Tvision ending and Youtube TV not working on this device, there is an alternative, but that is if we can get this to actually work correct. Here at Xda developers Project Slimbox is for Amlogic devices and I believe they have a device working with the S905Y2 processor. it would be nice...
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    Post project SLIMBOX

    Hello, I plan on buying the X88 King, it seem to be the more powerful of the devices. I made the mistake of buying TVision Hub from Tmo and then they decided to team up with google. Not a problem except Youtube TV freezes on the device at full resolution. Yes i could lower it, but it defeats...
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    Correct, with tmobile however when they do the network unlock it would also (usually) allow for the oem unlock feature to be available or at least thats how it worked with other devices. With this, it should clear any block from that is set by Tmobile, however we will still need to go through...
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    So i spoke to tmobile the other and from what i was told that their tablet devices come unlocked (ie no need for the toggle as its unlocked), but will not work unless you have the tab paid off or paid full price at purchase. Is there anyone watching that has the tab paid off that can confirm this?
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    Post [GUIDE] Unlock the TAB S7 Bootloader

    Hey guys, I have the Tmobile tab s7 5g and the Oem Unlock even after 7 days NEVER showed up in the developer options. I mean not there at all. Ive already updated to A11, im hoping that didnt kill my chance to do that.
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    Yes i can and it does work. But still I was hoping for them to make the tablet itself natively work this way. Just dont understand why they wouldnt. So now that would mean i have two lines that I can text from, but only one can make or take calls. Either way, I hope there is someone who has...
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    I haven't even tried it yet. I know ianmacd has several tools to manipulate the tablet but not confident enough to try them. Ive also seen where he has gts7l (s7 5g) twrp source on his github, but not sure if he is ready for that to be released or if he even still have the tablet. I know that...
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    Post [T-Mobile USA] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto]

    Thank you sir, most appreciated!!
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    Post TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B)

    Awesome work!!! Will be attempting to create the same for T878U (Tmobile) A11
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    Thread Latest ROM for Tmobile Samsung Tab s7 5g

    ATJ5 October Security (What they're late on security updates!!) SM-T878U_TMB_T878USQS1ATJ5
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    Post SM-T978U Odin Firmware Flash

    Yes if you try this, please let me know if it works. I have the T878u 5g from Tmobile.