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    Post I think I finally kill my phone

    Thanks for trying to help! I left it on chaeger over the night but at morning it won't turn on. I try another method from this thread: but linux doesn't see my device too, so I will...
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    Thread I think I finally kill my phone

    Hi there! I have a p9 lite ds vns-l21. I have succesfully install nougat (c432b336) on it but I want to upgrade to the latest n build. Updater app doesn't show any downloadable version says that I already on latest firmware. So I find a thread to make it work by install c185 oeminfo and firmware...
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    Post [TWRP][P9 Lite][3.1.1-0][EMUI 5.x / AOSP N][DECRYPTION SUPPORT]

    [email protected] bghyt Is your bootloader unlocked? When it is boot up, is it says that your device is unlocked and can't be trusted? I have the same problem. I run LOS 13, then install EMUI 5.0-Android 7.0, but not like so much (except the speed...), so I want to go back. I downgrade to MM and want to...
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    Post LG G3 D850 "SIM Card Removed" Problem After Marshmallow Update.

    Hi guys! I'm in the same situation. I have a 2 yrs old G3, it was on MM till it came out. And once it shows that there is no sim card, sim card removed, invalid network. When I reboot sometimes it shows that mesaages, sometimes it read the sim card. Sometimes it drop the signal or reboot with...
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    Post [Q] Philips tablet in bootloop

    Yes. I have. You can find it on Philips web site.
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1]TESLA -High Volatge-v1.5 [D852]

    It has a theme engine! It's called RRO Layers, there's a link to the thread, it dosn't easy like applying a theme, but not so hard. There are some videos and gides and wth the new Layer Manager app it's very easy. I use it about two days (the RRO Theme Engine), and I can say it's better than the...
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    Post [Q] Error in ROM update

    Hi! Check this ;)
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    Post [Q] Philips tablet in bootloop

    Solved! I search the net for other firmeware for my tablet, but none of them working (pi3900b2_58/93), so I combined them. I copied the from the 58 to 93 and than flash it. And the update process go on, really slow, but go on, and the tablet restart! It take so much time, but it...
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    Post [Q] Philips tablet in bootloop

    Anyone? Please help!
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    Thread [Q] Philips tablet in bootloop

    Hi everyone! I need help! I have a Philips PI3900B2/58 7" tablet with android 4.1. I supercharge it and then I patched the service.jar wit Ultimatic Jar Patcher Tool, but after a reboot it stuck in a bootloop :(. Now I think I upgrade my tablet software for the pi3900b2_93_fus_aen version but no...
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    Post [TOOL][LB] Recovery Installer [WIN/LINUX/MAC]

    Yes! But only PhilzTouch from latest build (1.8).
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    Post [Q&A] SlimKat

    lb Hi! Can you make it to work on locked bootloader? I want to use it on my device, but it has locked bootloader and I can't unlock it :(( I will test it if you want someone, and will make some donation to you, just please try to make it....:angel:
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    Post [APP] [XPERIA JB 4.2.2] Serajr Swiping Power Toggles - SystemUI - v2 - 28/11/13

    Hi all! Can someone share the first version of this mod? I need that.
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    Post [DEV][PATCH] Kexec hardboot

    On Locked Bootloader we need a ramdisk hijack. Here is what dh.harald said abou that: "I try to implement 2nd-init method (Motorola Milestone/Defy/etc) to hijack ramdisk. With this method, we can change stock ramdisk, and we can boot CM with stock kernel... " And there is a link to that thread...
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    Post [Q&A] SlimKat

    Hi! Just want to ask, is there a possibility o work this on locked bootloader? Like on the Xperia SP and others. If someone can hijack the ramdis to make it load a costum rom... Is it possible or not?