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  • hey dzo, i'm trying to find an answer to this but figured you'd know better than anyone else. I am using android on the NAND and your installer (great btw) and have selected to store my data on nand. I've backed up my data and notice the databackup.img file but am wondering where my data.img file is located. I've searched using the program ASTRO for a 'data.img' file looking from the root directory (which i assume is nand, since /sdcard is a subdirectory) but cannot find a data.img file anywhere (/data folder looks empty and i have searched for hidden files). Any thoughts?

    Edit: i'm going to post this in the vogue android development forum

    Hey mann! i need your help. When i try to boot up android on my sprint htc touch it says it cant find system.img...can you give me a link to a working system.img because i cant find one and the ones i do find dont work. Thanks in advance!
    Sorry for bothering you, I found what I was looking for (TinBoot). Well, thanks for writing it I guess!
    Hey! What did you use to create the Vogue Android NBH files on your site? I'm trying to replace the kernel on the flash. The only things I could find about making NBH files were Windows Mobile-specific...
    Hey man, if you are able to flash andriod on the sprint touch pro 2, fully functional with CDMA support I would be happy to pay you at least $50! Let me know if you have any projects going!? Thanks!
    Hi Man,

    Get your name by jamezelle. Asked him if he can build a flash rom so i can rom my Kaiser.
    I want remove my WinMo and start directly my Android :D

    He told me to contact you... so here i am :)

    Can you maybe create a kaiser rom so i can use my super working ION donut 1.6 version?

    Good news almost every day! It's amazing and exciting. I am sure it will not take long time to be appeared the final builds with total support of everything and well optimized for our polaris devices. Thank you dzo for your time. And while I tried a lot of kernels and almost swithched to android from wince I suddenly realized that maybe those here who are spectators like me might be able to help and became a part of 2polarisPorting? Just a thought, and I don't know how can I support android kernel development, but may be there is something I can?
    Hi dzo,

    I've just made a $15 donation for your remarkable work on Android for Polaris.
    I have just one question that I just can't seem to find the answer on this forum: Is there any release of Android for Polaris where the WIFI (or bluetooth) are working? If so, which one? (ok, that was 2 questions)

    Thanks and keep up the good job,

    My friend....thanks for trying to put wifi working! Is very important for us to save money and to make the sync of things possible. I will wait for more news.
    PS - About the ppp.proxy being able to work: isn't possible to run a squid as transparent proxy on this linux in case of ppp.proxy or ppp.port settings? That way maybe messenger and maps may work. It can maybe be implemented on Togga...dunno. HUGSSSS
    My friend: we should build u a statue! Keep going ur very nice work. And just to give u my feed back ab what is required for me: ppp.proxy and ppp.port working (i manage to put working using a SLQ into some database.db but it doesn't work for meebo or maps or google sync); also a wi-fi could save us looot of money; or to get internet through the usb (similar to activesync of wm); the cam...; the exchange 2003 sync at least for contacts.
    hi dzo!!! Can you port android on HTC touc HD?? In the thread is nothing they cant boot it !! Can you help touch HD thread plz you know much about android!!! Thank you very much !!! how much functionality has been implemented? How did you handle the hardware abstraction layer? I don't know of any drivers for CDMA phones..

    R. Prichard
    Hi. Congratulations on getting Android running on the XV6800! I don't mean to bother you, but do you know if it is currently possible to get Android running on the LG Chocolate (VX8500 (old version)) and/or Motorola RAZR, and if not, would you be at all willing to port it? (I'd imagine that getting it running on the RAZR wouldn't be too much trouble, since the latest versions already run on Linux.) I'm just wondering, because those are common phones, and I'm very interesting in getting it running on my VX8500 :).
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