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    Post [APP] Button Mapper - Customize your hardware buttons

    So, I'm having a weird issue with microphone mute. On a Moto E4, with an Oraolo Bluetooth neck speaker, if I map a volume button to microphone mute, it hangs up the phone when I try to enable it. On the same phone, it works totally fine if I'm using the built-in speaker. It works totally fine...
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    Post Any browsers that compress audio feeds?

    This is for news programming. As such the compression doesn't bother me. Music would be a totally different story. Thanks
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    Thread Any browsers that compress audio feeds?

    Are there any decent browsers that compress audio feeds, so that they take up less bandwidth? Some of them mention video feeds... I like that as well. I was actually testing Opera Mini And it does not seem to play audio on the background properly. First there are dropouts and then it just...
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    Post USB ethernet adapters that work with the Pixel 3a

    So, using the combination of that network adapter and that USB adapter, I'm getting a max of 102 MPS on my Pixel 3a. Using the same combination on a Chromebook, I'm getting 297 MBPS. Using Wi-Fi, on the Pixel, I get close to what I'm getting wifi / wired on the Chromebook. I wonder if there is...
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    Post USB ethernet adapters that work with the Pixel 3a

    It works on my Pixel 3A as well. Of course, I'm using a USB 3 to USB-C adapter. The performance is quite poor. I'm getting about 75 MBPS on a 300 MBPS internet connection. I do much better on Wi-Fi. I tried the same on a Chromebook, and the NIC worked much better on USB 3, then via the USB-C...
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    Thread Norton Internet Security wake locks.

    Norton internet security, can at times use more than an hour and a half after 12 hours of up time. Other times, it's just fine. Using GSam, I have yet to find the correlation with anything else. In Norton forums, they've been telling me it's probably some other app which is causing it to scan or...
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    Thread RCS notification delay.

    For some reason, on both my and my wife's phones, when we have RCS on, the RCS message gets received in a timely manner, but the notification can happen hours later. with SMS the notification always happens immediately. They, of course it both using the Google Messages app. I opened the ticket...
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    Thread Gsam and Better Battery App issues

    Over the past few months, Gsam only rarely shows app utilization. I have the ADB security settings set. I don't know what triggers it to turn on or off. Any ideas? I then reinstall the Better Battery app. That said it was calculating statistics for over 3 hours. I wasn't able to see anything...
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    Post Case with "Active Edge" support?

    Thanks. I don't see it listed in the features, so I emailed Spigen.
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    Thread Case with "Active Edge" support?

    Any idea about a non-expensive case which supports squeeze, has a lip around the screen, actually protects the phone...and isn't slippery? Google's cloth case is $40. I don't see others advertising their cases support this feature. Thanks
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    Thread Vibration options

    I see some old posts, but wonder if there is anything new. I just got an S2. Is there any way to have the vibrations for messages occur more than once? Is there a way to have each notification vibration have a longer vibration time, since each vibration is quite weak? Thanks
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    Post Blueborne

    In general, the app sends a notification, whenever a BT tries to connect. It also has a scan to show you which apps have access to which BT functions. BTW, I believe the earlier article said the exploit takes about 10 seconds.
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    Post Blueborne

    I installed the trial. The Blueborne detection works by disconnecting any device which is not in your whitelist. For example, until I added my smart watch as a trusted device, it showed device connected and then connection forcefully terminated in under a second. The log doesn't show...