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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    I'm an engg student, lost interest i engg... Found interest in android programming so went ahead with it!
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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    Yes,it is my first game :) Thank you and Good luck to you too :)
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    Post [Game] [2.3+] Yolk!

    The graphics are exquisite man! And the gameplay is quite good. Great job overall buddy! Seems to be a hit in the making! All the best at the app stores!
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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    Yes! I liked and reviewed your game Quick Brain! :)
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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    Ok... Wow... I didn't know that... I'll definitely give it a try! Thank you for the advice :)
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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    No buddy, I used eclipse.. I built it using andengine.. The one made by Nicolas Gramlich... Android studio is something different I guess
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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    I used andengine what about you?
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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    Thank you alexander.. Actually I will be updating my game soon to improve the gameplay and difficulty... So stay tuned! I must say though you've got a fantastic graphics designer!
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    Post [DEV][Game][4.1+] Quick Brain - Math wourkout

    The UI and the graphics are so simple yet interactive... In addition... The progress bar at the top... Indicating time remaining... A really good way of keeping the player on his toes... Great job!
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    Post [GAME][2.3+] Bird Ball is avaliable on Google Play

    Eye catching graphics by you guys and a good overall game design by the developers. A TO-BE-HIT in the making! Keep up the good work!
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    Post [Game] Find the Best Route

    The logic behind the game is exceptional, the level designers have also done a fabulous job by making the levels so difficult and amazing! Awesome game to kill your time during the journey in the train or so! Keep up the good work guys!
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    Post [ANDROID GAME FREE] Rescue Princess

    Cool game with some awesome graphics, a really great job by the graphics designer which encites the user to take interest in the game! Good job and Keep up the good work!
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    Post [FREE Andriod GAME] Our games need your feedback!

    Gameplay is good.. But the really awesome part of your games are your Graphics. Not to undermine your coder, but the graphics designer has done an exceptionally great job :)
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    Post [FREE Game] Tap Red Tile! - Simple addicting game!

    Good interactive graphics and a smooth UI. A good game to spend your free time. Good work :)
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    Post [GAME][2.3+]Zombie RunRunRun!Candy War----V1.1 Updated!

    Genuinely attractive graphics and a really well designed UI. A good mixture of several game modes and a smooth gameplay, this game has the capability to be a major hit in a large number of countries. Keep up the good work.