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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] next version Magisk and MagiskManager snapshots

    kantjer your newest build fails to install pixel 2 xl on PPR1
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    Post [EOL] [TAIMEN/WALLEYE] [9.0.0] [4.4.163] [CLANG 7.0] Flash Kernel 3.19

    nathanchance any goodies in the final merge commit related to this ? ---------- Post added at 07:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 2 XL ElementalX 4.07 (Android 11)

    Just a thought... A quick Google search reminded me that from 8.0-8.1 Google dropped Max brightness on the pixel 2xl something like 10% or so... Possibly able to find that kernel commit in source and revert it to gain the original brightness the phone shipped with?
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    Post [CLOSED][BETA][2018.7.19] Magisk v16.7 (1671)

    Pixel 2xl july8.1 magisk 16.7 can confirm this. Power phone off, as soon as you plug in a USB C charger it boots the black bootloader is unlocked screen (power to pause/continue) and then there's just the white battery charge screen but everything is frozen. Hard 30 second power cycle needed...
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    Post [EOL] [TAIMEN/WALLEYE] [9.0.0] [4.4.163] [CLANG 7.0] Flash Kernel 3.19

    Happened to me to...suspected it was magisk over flash but who knows... TWO forced reboots fixed it for me. (First reboot hung at white Google logo screen indefinitely.).
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    Post [EOL] [TAIMEN/WALLEYE] [9.0.0] [4.4.163] [CLANG 7.0] Flash Kernel 3.19

    Anyone else getting reboots after watching videos (streaming) for longer than 15 min?
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    Post [KERNEL][10.0.0] Sultan Kernel [August 14, 2020]

    You are correct. However I asked first in the event there was some custom sauce preventing that here. Flar does it recently And Franco has had that for a long time with all his kernels.
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    Post [KERNEL][10.0.0] Sultan Kernel [August 14, 2020]

    Is there a way for this kernel to detect root so we dont have to reflash root after this kernel each time?
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    Post [KERNEL][10.0.0] Sultan Kernel [August 14, 2020]

    Can confirm June 11 build without underclock has sped up webview page rendering. Idk why but it has. Page would load and view would rendering seconds later with june10... That's gone in June 11 build. Doesn't make sense but just reporting back. Also app loads happen faster.
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    Post [EOL] [TAIMEN/WALLEYE] [9.0.0] [4.4.163] [CLANG 7.0] Flash Kernel 3.19

    This delay is like yanny vs. laurel but for the pixel 2xl folks. If Google doesn't merge sultan's patches to master then you'll have half the folks running custom kernels (flash ftw) or half the folks on stock with AOD enabled (or they just don't care).
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    Post [EOL] [TAIMEN/WALLEYE] [9.0.0] [4.4.163] [CLANG 7.0] Flash Kernel 3.19

    nathanchance check these in AOSP from sultan If you can patch and release a test build I think dozens here would test the panel delay fix
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    Thread [REVIEW] Pixel2 XL ZeroLemon Battery Case

    Full Disclaimer: Zero Lemon sent me this case to review. TL;DR: Pros: • Phone feels secure in the case. Actually takes effort to get phone in and out of TPU case, this is good because the phone wont wiggle out of the case in your pocket or bag. • Battery is of high quality • Capacity is about...
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    Post ZeroLemon Ultra Power 8500mAh Extended Battery Case for Google Pixel 2 XL

    Interested in reviewing and testing. Do a lot of travel and photography.
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    Post [KERNEL][N5X] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r64 - 7th December - Oreo & Pie

    Hey franciscofranco curious if you will ever get a pixel 2?