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  • Hi!
    I have a question to you. Firstly, your Vibro soft is great i really like it, i've been looking for something like that for very, very long time. But could you add vibration controll for ALARMS?
    Ahoi earthjumper,
    suuper klasse Tool! Genau sowas suchte ich - gab's damals beim Omnia i900 standardmäßig dazu.. aber beim HTC Touch HD gibt es eben andere Vorteile ;-)
    Würd' Dir ja gern 'nen Bier o.ä. zukommen lassen für die Mühe! Wie wär's mit'm PAYPAL Button auf der ersten Seite?
    I've already programmed something, it'll soon post here. Until now only receiving the SMS works with vibration patterns. I have not yet been studied EMAIL and MMS.

    Please be patient yet a while ...
    I saw your program posted, and I was wondering if you could make that an all in one program that actually changed the vibration pattern for SMS and e-mail. I have a Touch Pro 2 and I am not the only one to complain about the long 3 vibrate that sounds like it is dying. I would be awesome to change both of those vibrations on the phone.

    Any thoughts?
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