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Recent content by eb_xda

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    Post S9+ can't revert to stock ROM (howto or why not)?

    TLDR: "No, it is not possible to go back to stock" Thanks to @hainguyenthao for the education. @hainguyenthao : "To be able to flash stock without server that's means you need official repair and device must be knox 0" So i guess no need to flash stock and u can stay on custom better" Me...
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    Thread S9+ can't revert to stock ROM (howto or why not)?

    Short version: How can I get working stock firmware? Or why I will never be able to get working stock firmware? Supplementary question: what if anything *should* I have (not) done to avoid this situation? I'm trying to revert to stock Samsung firmware to test handset (top speaker) audio level...
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    Post [APP][4.0+] Automate - automatic tasks

    Event wait with timeout? I want to send a notification if a given event (e.g. camera motion detect), has NOT happened for a given amount of time. E.g. it would be like Broadcast Receive block (="systems.codisco.MOTION"), but would have a timeout parameter and a NO terminal that would be...