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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Hi all , using latest vanced music , I have " don't play music video " and " song " selected on the main playing screen but it still plays the audio of the video and not the actual proper song , anyone else have this ??
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Need to drop down a version of vanced , don't use latest
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    From browsing different sites on the web about it people were wanting / asking to make sure that using their own Google account with the vanced Devs was ok and not at risk too , I've never had an issue tbh
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Thank you , I just read a few things about people using fake accounts to protect themselves , I've been using it for a while and never had any issues with the devs ( knowing my Google data etc ) or issues with Google , thanks
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Hi all , hope you can help , I see a lot of people using a fake Google account for vanced , is there anything wrong with using your own Google account to access vanced ?
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    Thread Amazon fire TV gen 2 won't wake up

    Hi all , I've got a gen 2 fire TV box and sometimes ( not every time ) when I press the Amazon remote to wake up the box it does nothing , the light on the front illuminates but nothing on the screen unless I restart the box ( select + play/pause buttons ) then it works fine , I watch what I...
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    Thread Mx player pro not validated on fire TV

    Hi , I bought mx player pro on the Google play store and I've now side loaded to my fire TV but it says unable to validate when I try using it on the fire TV , how can I get it to work please
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    Post S10 notification vibration

    Hi , yes I've been through all that , seemed to start when I changed notifications to " show on lock screen " it was set to " hide on lock screen " it's weird though , the first beep and vibration is correct , the 3 minute reminder vibrate is totally different
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    Thread S10 notification vibration

    Hi all I have my S10 set to basic vibration pattern when I get a notification it vibrates with that pattern BUT when it vibrates again because reminder is set to notify after 3 minutes the vibration pattern is a totally different one and I don't know why it would change ....
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    Thread Facebook help

    Hi all , I have a galaxy S10 running latest UI and android 10 , my issue is with Facebook , when I write a status and I type someone's name it highlights their name but if I carry on typing their highlighted name isn't highlighted anymore meaning I can't mention them and it won't notify them ...
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    Thread Tab s2 time until fully charged notification

    Hi all , my tab s2 says the battery percentage on the status bar but is there any way of turning on something that says " one hour until fully charged " for example ?? It's running Android 7.0 nougat , thanks in advance
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    Thread Weak WiFi gen 2 fire box ???

    Hi all , I'm running my Gen 2 fire TV box on 5gz WiFi and the router is in the same room about 13 feet away but yet the WiFi signal seems half way in dev opt on the box , anybody else's signal like that ? Thanks
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    Post Fire TV gen 2 RAM

    Hi , nothing major , a couple of buffers on a couple of films I've watched , I heard ram can affect that so I thought as its low it might be the issue
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    Post Fire TV gen 2 RAM

    Anyone ???
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    Thread Fire TV gen 2 RAM

    Hi all , hope you can help , I have a gen 2 fire TV box , it has 2gb ram , basically if I'm watching a stream it looks like I don't have much of the 2gb ram left , I've even bought an android box that has 4gb ram and 32gb storage but it's only a cheap box off the Amazon site , so my question is...