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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] OmniROM - Wingray - bigPart

    Just to keep everything safe, I have uploaded my whole folder for anything I ever had for Motorola Xoom MZ604 Two different cloud providers should be enough. Everything in that downloads is basically a copy of whatever I have found on XDA
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    Thread GT2Pro - clearing notification on the watch does not clear notification on the phone

    So. Finally decided to move away from a Casio hand watch and MiBand 4 to Huawei Watch GT2Pro. This wasn't an easy decision as I know Huawei's LiteOS isn't android GearOS but from all the list of pros and cons, I think it wasn't such a bad decision. Of course the Russian Internet trolls will...
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    Post P20 Pro Location History

    location history is a Google service. head to your Google settings and enable it
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    Post System settings update available [25/10/2019]

    so based on the system settings update it was pre-update to Android10 with emui10
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    Post Latest FW for C432 region CLT-L29

    thought that this day will never come but here it is. android 10 on Huawei P20Pro from UK Three network... I am really shocked as already accepted that when with this network no further updates will arrive.... now its time to discover whats new (even the GUI of picking up files to upload is...
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    Post Camera incapable of 16:9 images at high resolution?

    you have to finally decide if you are thinking about photography (then it will be 4:3) or if you want be just a casual picture shooter with the phone (16:9).
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] OmniROM - Wingray - bigPart

    That is a really nice collection. Thank you so much for sharing. I will try to download them ASAP and check which one will work. I mean, I guess all of them will work, but just need to make sure that my vpn will work :)
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] OmniROM - Wingray - bigPart

    I know that this thread might be dead but I am one of those lucky people which are still using MZ604 Motorola Xoom Wifi tablet. The only purpose it serves is to connect to my home VPN server and run IPCamViewer to show the security cameras. Unfortunately, once per year, the laptop just dies and...
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    Post Latest FW for C432 region CLT-L29

    Hi Guys Need a small help from you. I am really, really hoping you will be able to help. I think something strange happened at some point or maybe I don't understand everything. I am based in the UK. I am on "Three" network. Straight after getting my P20Pro I have downloaded and installed...
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    Post Emui 9.1 for p20 pro?

    Strangely I cant even log in to Beta app on my P20Pro. it just shows terms and conditions and when I click accept, after while I am getting a message "Could not log you in".
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    Post Desktop mode is AWESOME!

    I only have a simple USB-c to HDMI cable. desktop mode works but I still have not figured out how to configure this "app". is there any way to add anything? Netflix?
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    Post How to keep Whatsapp alive (did try every "legal" trick in the book!) ?!

    never had any issues with Huawei and WA. the only thing had to do was to select that WA will be handled manually (no auto battery management for this app) and to not kill the app after phone goes to sleep
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    Post Screen Protector

    a) I think you have quoted the wrong person b) screenshot ability can be disabled from settings c) since I am using a lot of skin care products for climbers, it is slightly better. Not always as sometimes the phone thinks that I am drawing some strange areas to be screenshoted but there is some...
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    Post Screen Protector

    So... the original screen protector which was on my P20Pro started to have some scratches, small holes and I have decided to replace it. I've spent like 2 weeks reading reviews, watching photos on how it looks once attached plus checking if it will be even worse with the finger recognition. As...
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    Post Huawei calendar opening Chinese maps amap

    I have tried to contact their support and ask for this, but somehow I forgot the exact steps to recreate it. Could someone help me out? Was it the link to maps from the notification of calendar? edit: ok found it. It looks like it is for events which are coming from google calendar down to...