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Recent content by eghoti1

  1. eghoti1

    Post Sony XZ3 Live Wallpapers [7.0+] [Root/Non Root]

    Works perfect on my XA2 Ultra. That was the only thing I envied from the XZ3. Thanks,!
  2. eghoti1

    Post Sim Unlock - Now Possible :D - HTC M9

    the HTC 10 SIM unlock also survives a factory reset. Thank you Stifilz
  3. eghoti1

    Post Sim Unlock - Now Possible :D - HTC M9

    thank you i will fill out the form ---------- Post added at 02:12 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:14 AM ---------- Amazing work. Confirmed unlock working on Sprint HTC 10. Confirmed the device now operates on AT&T USA service with LTE data where applicable. Thank you!!
  4. eghoti1

    Post Sim Unlock - Now Possible :D - HTC M9

    will this work for the Sprint HTC 10?
  5. eghoti1

    Post T2 models with American carrier support

    Is the tmobile d5316 model factory unlocked?
  6. eghoti1

    Post C6833/c6806/c6802 4g lte & networks explained

    Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this thread, but I picked up the c6833 using on AT&T in NYC. Am getting LTE sign using normal APN settings. I noticed that if I go underground I need to toggle on/off airplane mode for LTE to come back, if not then only H+ will show
  7. eghoti1

    Post Sim Unlock - Domestic and International :)

    Do we have to be on a certain baseband for the unlock?
  8. eghoti1

    Post Unlock Sprint ls955 for use in America.

    Anyone working on a lollipop rom?
  9. eghoti1

    Post Getting LTE on AT&T

    not LTE- but i changed the APN Name to "ATT Broadband" and APN to "broadband" and the data speeds jumped from 1 mbps to 6 mpbs with calls/sms still working. mms didnt seem to though, may have to do a separate APN for MMS
  10. eghoti1

    Post Unlock Sprint ls955 for use in America.

    Thanks!! I did another factory reset and advanced reset of dav and cache then rebooted and entered your info. Works perfect like you said now. Appreciate it. Fyi since the first instance of ATTSprint ROM loaded I have been getting a 4G data icon, not H or H+. Speeds are still on low side rang...
  11. eghoti1

    Post Unlock Sprint ls955 for use in America.

    This is awesome thanks so much for these guides! got a Sprint g flex super cheap so I am using it on T-Mobile. Just having one issue with texts. Both the stock messaging app and 3rd party apps for text are crashing on launch. Any idea how to fix? its on the ATTSprint Rom. APN settings look...
  12. eghoti1

    Post [Q] No 4g in D955?

    Same thing for me on tmobile 4.4.2
  13. eghoti1

    Post LG Flex D955 LTE/4G issue

    Anyone find a resolution? I cant get 4g on at&t or tmobile even with changing the LTE/GSM/WDCMA OPTIONS and region bands in the hidden menus. Running 4.4.2
  14. eghoti1

    Post [Dim Bug] The screen on my 6.3 dims sometimes.

    This was happening when I was using chrome. I reverted back to the stock version, uninstalling the updates and no more dim when exiting the browser
  15. eghoti1

    Post Unlock U.S. Cellular model

    Did anyone discover if you can add an APN from at&t or T-Mobile to the us cellular version and get it working?