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  • I just read the town meeting thread...that was interesting! I know they are keeping you busy but I tought I say hi....keep it up EG!!
    the fuze sad to say my friend went off to Iraq and never had the chance to get the money to me. I even offered him to pay me way later after the deployment, but he did not want to leave me hanging. If you are interested it is there. New in the box. even the oem screen protector that has all the writing is on it and all accessories in wrap unopened except for the battery since I put it to make sure it worked.....let me know
    i am new at this and cant find the driver to get my raph800 to appear on a com port or as a modem it only shows up as a network device can u help me please thx so much
    Hey, I have been beating my brains out trying to finagle an HD2, and pulled it off. But I am way curious about your "guide" to escape contacts. Got a link? I am moving up from a AT&T Tilt Pro 2 (LOL) and already missing the harware KB... Do not misread that - I freakin LOVE the HD2, but am am really not lovin the SW keyboard, even with Swype. ahh, compromises, SIGH! If the put a keyboard on the HD2, you would need a little wagon to pull it around in anyway, and it IS really pocketable (MORE than TP2, which is a plus) anywhoo, where the guide be, or was that a goof?
    Please where's the guide!? I need to get out of this contract asap!
    You have an htc hd2!? I hate you so bad right now!
    Hey there, I have been trying to get some of ur roms for the Vogue with WM 6.5.5 on them. However when I click the links, it says that you have removed the roms. where can I get them?

    Thanks much

    Ryan Kemp
    Tu no habla espanol like me. Yo habla espanol like a Playa playa!
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