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  • Hi, i have a question why you still use " ROM: WM 6.5.3 Build 23630 by sun_dream " and not " WM6.5.3 Build 28230 v2 "
    hi, could you explain to me step by step how to flash my blueangel with sun dreams latest rom [BlueAngel OEM2010] WM6.5.3 Build 28230 v2 WWE Kitchen ? i´m a newbie :p
    Help trying to download rom onto htc touch pro cdma, trying to copy signed ruu file....this is what I have, says .7z not ruu it is the energy rom from pcgeeks, they all keep loadin with a 7z after them....
    I am running your 28014 6.5.3 build (love it, thx) but after a few days of no issues and over the last two days if i reply to a sms (threaded) it will at random replace the send key with a "reply all" key that will open a new message window with both my number and the other parties numbers as the recipients which puts the original threaded reply in the drafts folder at the same time. It is happening randomly but about 50% of the time.

    hey I am trying to install wm6.5 on my sx66. can you send me alink of where you got the rom and cabs from? I would greatly appreciate it. or if you can email the to me that would be great too. my email is [email protected]
    Thanks! Doing fine, what about you? I got a BA battery from eBay for only US$4.99 with free shipping. My MOD battery is doing great now, been using it for 3 days now without charging ans I still have 40%. Cheers man. :)
    ...................... oops sorry for that, my little brother say that lol.sorry
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