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    Post [ROM][10.0][A2017x][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1

    This question might be annoying to some but I'm trying to learn so I ask anyways: Why is this version of LOS not official - what things had to be different so that its status wouldn't be unofficial and will it ever become official? I guess this is more of a general LOS question but since it...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 OFFICIAL d80x; UNOFFICIAL ls980 vs980

    As I've stated (and as you have cited): "I didn't have this issue before going to LineageOS (and don't suddenly have any issues with my other phone)". Meaning, it still works perfectly fine for the other smartphones and Laptops in the household - only the G2, that is now running on LineageOS...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 OFFICIAL d80x; UNOFFICIAL ls980 vs980

    Ok, thanks for the info. Too bad you couldn't answer the other questions. Apparently I found bugs: 1, My G2 can't see my 2,4GHz wifi network - only the 5GHz, which I'm having connection issues with even though it's only three meters from me and my phone through one wall. I didn't have this...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 OFFICIAL d80x; UNOFFICIAL ls980 vs980

    I don't have TWRP right now. I'm on Stock 5.0.2. Also, apparently TWRP isn't available anymore on XDA for the G2. I spent quite a bit time last night figuring out how to get TWRP and learnt that apparently I first had to install an older version of it before being able to update it to a newer...
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r46][A2017X][OFFICIAL] crDROID v5.12 [FINAL]

    As far as I know, yes. But just because Google decided not to continue Daydream doesn't mean it doesn't work anymore or that there's no use for it anymore or that I have to strip my phone of a feature that I like to use. That's why I'm asking - I'd like to keep using the features the phone...
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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 17.1 OFFICIAL d80x; UNOFFICIAL ls980 vs980

    I'm currently trying to get this ROM on my D802 (without any experience of installing custom firmware). I'm following the instruction of the linked wiki but right away there are issues: At "Basic requirements" there's a link for instructions on how to get adb installed. That page does also talk...
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    Post How to Fix LG G2 Bricked with few easy steps

    If I may ask, what do you mean with "1) USB connect your LG G2 in Dload/Fastboot to your PC"? Could yoiu please elaborate what "in Dload/Fastboot to your PC" means?
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r46][A2017X][OFFICIAL] crDROID v5.12 [FINAL]

    Does this ROM support Daydream and Camera2 API? Both have been in the official Oreo ROM beta but didn't make it in the final update.
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    Post [8.0+]Google Camera Port with HDR+ on Axon 7

    Did anyone test that, yet? How did it work?
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    Post A2017GV1.3.0B03 Update

    Any information as for changes to the previous version? Daydream support? Camera 2 API?
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    Post Google Chrome Full Screen Status Bar Issue

    Thought I'd update you guys... the biggest number that worked for me was 420 (from the 423 before which is the standard setting). So not too much of a loss.
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    Post [A2017G] Oreo Update OTA is finally available

    Could you please link me to the thread reagarding A2017G-V1.30B02_HDR+? I was not able to find it in the ROM section or via Raysteff's profile statistics.
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    Post [ROM]LineageOS 16.0 OFFICIAL [G2] d800/d801/d802/d803

    I'm surprised finding out that my good old trusty G2 (on 4.4.2) has the option to become up to date. That's great news! Does the ROM add camera2 API support - and does that mean that it's possible to run a version of the e.g. Arnova's Google Cam? (Sorry if that question is uneducated - I'm not...
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    Post Google Chrome Full Screen Status Bar Issue

    Ever since my last comment I got an update and now I have that setting. The notification goes away on "default" indeed, but I have to agree with it being way too big - which is why I have it on smallest on 2560x1440. I might try the smallest width option but I shouldn't have to do that... to me...
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    Post Google Chrome Full Screen Status Bar Issue

    While this may work with the Pixel 2 XL it certainly doesn't with the Axon 7 - mentioned settings are simply not available.