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  • Hi i am trying to download the hd wobble for the touch hd cant find the cab file anywhere any ideas thanks ,Mark.
    hope no one answer this before do you have this program for Sprint touch pro2 pls let me know i will be glad to donate for this one also ifog and isteam too. if you have. this stuff is bananas. i love it.
    eLALem, cool app when will new version be released, i would love to have it. I appreciate your aps, thank you
    hi, i tried to downlload the hd2WOBBLE but is outdated, can you send me the cab. ?txs

    Your wobble looks amaaaaaaazing but I cant make it work on my TG01 :-( Anyway keep up the good work, I'll be donating some cash your way when it works on mine, wont be a million pounds/dollars (depends where you are from), but enough for a couple of pints at least!

    Hey man..
    nice game you're a genius..
    have a question.. writing software for wm you'll probably be quite uptodate about windows mobile software.. could you do me a little list on nice wmsoftware you have/know?
    thankss, Jeroen
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