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Recent content by EncryptedCurse

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    Post Ios 13.2 emojis font

    How did you make the TTF? I'm interested in merging iOS emojis with Product Sans.
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    Post Working GCam Port for Galaxy S9/S9+!

    I recently upgraded to Pie and I cannot get motions photos to work on any APK I've tried. The camera view just refuses to open (i.e. black screen) if it's enabled.
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    Post SM-G920TZKAXAR Firmware Download

    Is there any particular reason that you need this specific firmware? I would give the firmware for the regular G920T a try—seems like it should work. I'm running a debloated version of G920TUES6ERC2 on my phone, which also uses the XAR CSC code and has all T-Mobile-related things removed.
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    Post iOS emoji without root ?

    Were you able to figure out anything regarding this?
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    Post [MODULE] App Systemizer for Magisk v9/v10/v11/v12/v13/v14

    Same thing here on the S6.
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    Post Please delete

    Even on a stock TouchWiz ROM and kernel I occasionally run into this. I think the issue could be on Samsung's side.
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    Post Backing Up App Data

    Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking if I was able to reuse the same backup multiple times? If so, I haven't tried, but you could probably unroot or uninstall Bluestacks and repeat the process.
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    Thread ViPER4Android on Magisk

    I've finally figured out how to get the ViPER4Android Magisk module properly working on a Galaxy S6 running Nougat. Open the Download section of the Magisk Manager app; flash ViPer4Android FX and App Systemizer. Reboot. Install a ViPER4Android APK. I prefer the Material verzion on XDA Labs...
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    Post [Guide]Use Samsung Pay and Knox on your Rooted device

    Why do you think that Xposed will change anything? There weren't any bypasses for Marshmallow either.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Does Titanium Backup fail to gain root for anyone else on 13.1? I have a Galaxy S6 running Nougat.
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    Post [GUIDE] Stock Nougat G920TUVU5FQE1 - Root (Magisk), Deep Sleep and SafetyNet Bypass

    What helped in my case was flashing the latest beta (v13).
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    Post ViPER4Android FX Legacy/XHiFI [Unity][Deprecated]

    How are you supposed to access the .core directory?