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  • hey had i have a question for you. i know there are alot of eclair roms out there but i was wondering if you were going to put one out. i love your work. right now i am running manup's but he quit updating. i have tried most of the others but none of them run as good as this one. i know you could put something out that would kill all the rest. so i was just wondering.
    Whats going on enomther, I hope you are well. I wanted to see when the latest 1.6 AOSP is coming out. I love the Darkstar themes, what I have found is I can flash the AOSP Darkstar, then flash the Darkstar theme for CM (of course it fails after line 1) but I get the contacts and phone apk from the CM version. I love your builds and I cannot wait for an eclair or 2.XXX for the mytouch with an active camera. Anything on 2.5 yet or is that a myth?
    Hey, XDA is great, but it's HTC phone specific. We need a dev community forum that's android specific. So I put together android-devs.org It's a brand new forum and I think some great rom posts by some devs could really give it the lift off the ground it needs. If you could post your rom at android-devs.org that would be such a great help and I think it will help yourself and everyone in the longrun. If you have any suggestions for the forum please share and I'll see what I can do.
    When I flash from say CM4271 do I have to do a wipe first? acore & google setup keep forcing on me. Thanks for being a dev. I love trying new roms!
    I love the TMO US build, except I miss the email app from the Rogers Rom, is their a way to get that email app into the TMO US rom?
    Hey enomther. Love you builds, but I was wondering if you could help me. I am currently using the AOSP-1.6_r1.4 + ADP DRD20 ROM with the expansion pack and for some reason I cannot flash the newest radio .26I. I have the G1, PVT 32B, Hard SPL 10.95.3000. Any suggestions? Thanks.


    I did a complete wipe and re-flashed everything and was then able to install the latest Radio
    Hello enomther, I know your busy and I love your Builds, they are awesome...I have a quick question, are you working on Android 2.0(Eclair) or have you already ported it ? Thanx for all you do with the ROMS and for making them
    hey can i ask you this question? would you translate these adb commands into terminal commands for me if you dont mind?adb remount
    adb shell chmod 755 /system/sd/user.conf
    adb shell chmod 755 /system/sd/userinit.sh
    adb shell reboot
    i just want to make sure if i need to mount-o rw,remount etc if you have time and patience to do this id appreciate it thanyou
    Hey enomther. I am interested in theme development. I have all the tools and read some good articles. Any suggestions to how I would go about changing the home screens to cycle through. Ex. Is there was 3 on the third swipe u would go to 1. And another thing was increasing photo id size to large. Thanks I love your new rom.
    hi enom,I got an htc magic(32A G2) but unfortunately,i got a wake up problem with Blurry screen. I've searched the fourm and finally get here.
    I think you've got a way to solve this problem with some fix on kernel. but I cant get any ROM/UPDATE anywhere. I'm from China and we are also trying to solve this problem. I really wanna know what caused this issue and how to solve it.THX
    Hi! How did you get the Outlook desktop sync working in your Rogers/Sapphire ROM? Is there something we can download to get it working on other roms such as cyanogen?

    Hey man,
    I am currently running your "TheOfficial HTC ADP 1.5 CRC1 v1.6.3" build on my G1 and loving it.. I always love playing around making graphics and so forth. ANyway I want to start making themes and eventually getting into some rom work as well.. Was wondering if you mind giving me a few pointers on how to get started. I know how to get into the res folder and the drawable folders are the images are held. Now for a theme after editing the images. all 1 million i presume how do i sign them using [email protected] vista? . .
    I have G1 with firmware version 1.1, Build no kila_eu-user 1.1 TMI-RC9 128600 ota-rel-keys,release-keys.
    I have a notification on my phone to update to Android Update 1.5 CRC37
    I just downloaded the EU-CRC37 ROOTED UPDATE from this site and renamed it to update.zip on my SDCARD.
    I followed the instruction on the download page but I got error when updating. The error messages are as follow:

    E: No signature (410 files)
    E: Verification failed
    Installating aborted
    Can you please put me through on what to do?
    I am very new at this.
    Hello, can you please point to a simple and easy place to do this step from your post #4 2) A SDcard partition with (1) FAT32 partition and (1) ext2/ext3 partition. I'd recommend at least ~320MB on the ext2/ext3 partition.

    Thank you.
    Thanks a bunch for all your support, best of wishes on your project. Hopefully we have some skins in the future! ^_^'
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