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    Post Wired internet

    Usb c to gigabyte Ethernet connector search amazon
  2. epicroot

    Post BOUNTY THREAD: Snapdragon USA Variants of S8 and S8+ (G950U/G955U)

    50$ s8 plus perma root Or 100$ BL unlock with root Both FULLY functioning of course
  3. epicroot

    Post SinLessROM Beta Testers Needed

    Would also love to test. I will gladly send any crash logs and system logs you would need
  4. epicroot

    Post [ROM][Marlin][7.1.1] WETA 2.3 [NMF26Q][AudioPhile][21st.Dec]

    Can the bootloader and vendor image and radio not be made into a flash able zip for twrp thus circumventing the need for fastboot. I'm not barely at home due to my job so it would be nice to be able to do this without a PC when new firmware hits. I know we could do this back in the old days...
  5. epicroot

    Post Post your Home Screen setup

    Minimal as possible. I'm simple Sent from my Google Pixel XL using XDA Labs
  6. epicroot

    Post [KERNEL] [October 7] Pixel XL ElementalX 5.06 (Android 10)

    Why link him to a page with a very basic description of the governor and other governors? Anyways I'm also curious as to a more detailed explanation of what we can expect out of the ElementalX governor as well.
  7. epicroot

    Post [KERNEL] [October 7] Pixel XL ElementalX 5.06 (Android 10)

    Doesn't answer his question on charge rate at all
  8. epicroot

    Post [KERNEL] [October 7] Pixel XL ElementalX 5.06 (Android 10)

    Is there any way a quick setting tile can be made for HMB
  9. epicroot

    Post Flashable Kernels

    It will not and dam sure do not try renaming the zimage to IMG. Bootloops will happen
  10. epicroot

    Post Is this case too good to be true for the price?

    None of the promo codes work tried 3 of them for their respective case all come back not a valid promo code
  11. epicroot

    Post ★★★★★[6.0.1][ROM]N5 Express+ N920TUVS4DQA2[Mar-16-17]

    Just out of curiosity do you have any plans to expand upon this build or release a more customized TouchWiz rom? Either way it's great to see another Dev here thanks for contributing!