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    Post Nougat battery life

    I'm going off of what it says on Google's website, and according to it U is the latest build. When sideloading the OTA it even checks to make sure you're on T before it updates.
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    Post Nougat battery life

    It's not incremental.
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    Post Nougat battery life

    As long as you sideload the OTA, not the factory image, no data will be wiped! Yeah, it's NRD90T to NRD90U.
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    Post Nougat battery life

    Been on NRD90T since I got the phone a few days ago. Battery life even today was pretty disappointing, about 2.5 hrs SOT and 23% remaining. Android System was right up with screen on the battery usage charts. Just sideloaded the latest OTA, NRD90U, hopefully it will perform better. NRD90T was...
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    Post [LLVM/CLANG] DragonTC ~ The future is now

    Dang, frap! You're a machine! It's almost like everytime I'm on XDA you've come up with something new & awesome haha.
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    Post [EOL][ROM+KERNEL][6.0.1] Unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 with 3.4.0 kernel [Apr 30, 2017]

    Been having issues with a specific wifi network on multiple roms for months now, maybe this is the cause. Good to know.
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    Post [KERNEL][Nougat]NKernel 31/08

    Doesn't show up anywhere else in this thread, but I'm having gnarly Bluetooth dropping issues in today's build (both kernel and rom). Anyone else?
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    Post [Q] Oneplus X FM radio on Oneplus One?

    The OpO SOC is FM capable, however OnePlus didn't wire up the receiver to the headphone jack. No hope, unfortunately.
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    Post [ v2.0 BETA ] BuilduntuVM - Compile Android ROMs with Windows or Mac OSX

    This probably isn't a common issue, but Builduntu wont load for me. Hangs after GRUB. Might have something to do with the fact I'm running Windows 10 (10162), but my other vboxes work fine.
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    Post [Kernel] Render Kernel [CM12.x - R21][CM12-CAF: R7][CM13-CAF: R1]

    Hey RenderBroken, any chance you could start including the release name in the kernel version? e.g, Linux version 3.4.107~Render-Kernel ([email protected]) (gcc blahblah ) #1 to something like Linux version 3.4.107~Render-Kernel ([email protected]) (gcc blahblah ) #9 I'm...
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    Post [KERNEL][OPO] FrancoKernel - r57 - 16th September - LineageOS 15.1 custom roms

    Welp, turns out I went stupid and didn't read all the search results. Only got as far as the one saying it was added in r14. :p
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    Post [KERNEL][OPO] FrancoKernel - r57 - 16th September - LineageOS 15.1 custom roms

    CM12 nightly 4-4, MultiROM is telling me I don't have kexec hardboot. Using r40. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Post [CLOSED][ROM][5.0.1][Official][BETA] EDGE - Advancing Performance

    Does the first line of the OP override this statement? Just curious.