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    Post [STABLE] MSM Xtended XQ Release v13 [Q|Android 10.0 r_46] [September 16, 2020]

    I tried most of them. the same problem in all of them. I'm back in pie Rom.
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    Post [Kernel][Pie/Ten-EAS-Treble] droopy-kernel [Weekly]

    ajaivasudeve good stable kernel good job. new update when ?
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [Ten] Lineage 17.1

    LineageOS 17.1 official released note: removed
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    Post Suggest Best Battery Backup Rom

    mokee rom and lineage os which one is better?
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    Post Finally! Nokia allowed to unlock bootloader.

    nokia x6 imei repair process possible?
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    Post [ROM][9.0][TREBLE] SuperiorOS [z2_plus][OFFICIAL][12-10-2019][DISCONTINUED]

    sanketp60 Many applications give custom ROM alert. Is there a solution?
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    Post [ROM] [9.0 r46] Pixys OS 2.4 [OFFICIAL] for z2_plus[TREBLE] | 4.4 Kernel | [ENFORCING

    aswin_a_s magisk root authority and 900E diag port open. write dual imei fail. what is the problem? AOSiP Pie rom don't have this problem
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0

    10.07.2019 build antutu skor
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0
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    Post [Kernel][PELT][EAS][Spectrum]Nameless Kernel[4.4.213][R31][z2_plus] There are updates.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0

    On a 100% battery, how does the battery light go out? what should be done to make it so?