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    Post Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800) Custom Roms? Bootloader signed?

    Wow, this is cool. Do you have access to Tizen 5.5 images? Is it usable as daily driver? Sounds good! I'm interested into test the root for R800. Let me know if you need testers. Thanks :good:
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    Post New Update for the Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active 1

    Did you already try it? Any noticeable improvement?
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    Post New Update for the Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active 1

    Fellas, it's better to wait more a little bit in order to get the proper update for your watch according to your own csc. Is there any critical bug on the current/latest version or any awesome improvement on the XAR/KOO update that worth you the risk to can't go back to your latest firmware? Or...
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    Post New Update for the Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active 1

    Anyone got the update for OXA?
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    Post [ROM]-[20190315]-Havoc-OS-2.3-[9.0]-[Official][stable][TREBLE]

    Anyone having charge issues, like, charging overnight and still only charge around 40%? Is there any trick to fix this out?
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    Post [ROM][Pie][N9600] WETA 12.0 [CSH7][Sep.7]

    I would advice you to try to root the device on your region firmware and see the results. Maybe you are facing some CSC issue..
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    Post [ROM][Pie][N9600] WETA 12.0 [CSH7][Sep.7]

    Did you wipe data and cache before to flash the rom?
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    Post [HELP!!!] Fail root on Docomo note 8

    Did you already get to fix this issue? How did you fix it?
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    Post [Collection] Firmware/ROM Full File For Galaxy Note 8

    Dear fellas, I wonder if is it possible to flash a US firmware into my Japanese Note 8 (SCV37)?
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    Post [ROM][N910C/H] [7.X][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS/CyanogenMod 14.1

    Bro, I need a device in other to continue.. but anyways, I'll try to do my best efforts into assist the guy upan-DEV here that wish to continue the development. Do you live in New Zealand?! You did reply that post.. so.. :confused:
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    Post [ROM][N910C/H] [7.X][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS/CyanogenMod 14.1

    Hey guys, anyone living in New Zealand can please PM me?
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    Post [ROM][P905][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 | Android 7.1.2 Nougat 20180117

    Valera1978 Thanks for the last update. I own a P905M and I'm getting random reboots.. any thought? I didn't face this issue on your last CM13.. PS. After I did wipe cache and dalvik through recovery, it starts to instantly reboots after boot.
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    Post [ROM][P905][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 13.0 | Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow | 20170713

    Valera1978 Any chance to update with a new rom? Thank you.