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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Im also for Poco F4 GT/ k50 as they are the same devices.💪
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    Thread Question Upgrade from Oneplus 9pro

    Last months after android 12 update im having lags, problems on my bluetooth devices , battery and so on...using it about a year almost.. an upgrade....the OP10 seems a bit junky also... But what are you saying about xiomi 12 pro and poco f4 gt? If Europe had snapdragon in the s22 line ill...
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    Post Question Does anyone else think THEIR S22 Ultra is a really bad phone?

    Now im on a dillemma jumped from s10 + to oneplus because of clean software... After 12 android after wipes its buggy as hell...sometimes no one could call me and so as i have oneplus one 9pro for a year...i need something new..wanted s 22 ultra but in my country only stupid...
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    Thread Post your Homescreens from this amazing phone!

    This thread is for posting your homescreens, and themed interfaces from Xperia 1 ii! ?
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    Post samsung s20 plus or xperia 1 ii

    Im not hoping for it.? I just know that sony this year is a bit better..:good:
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    Post samsung s20 plus or xperia 1 ii

    Now i have the S10+ exynos version... As it seems the xperia has some advantages, but, i love the bigger size of the screen from ultra and 120hz... vs 90hz xperia which is just a motion blur
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    Post samsung s20 plus or xperia 1 ii

    I also have the opportunity to choose from s20ultra or xperia 1 ii which showed up yesterday at my carrier store... In my region we have the exynos... the xperia has sn 865 which is faster, worried about the battery life 4000 vs 5000mah.
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    Post Which phone you had before the S9+ ?

    Today switched from Mate 10 Pro to S9+ exynos. Before the mate i had the s8+
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    Post S8+ to Mate 10 Pro

    Are you sure? Maybe wait for s9 or p11 ?
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    Post S8+ to Mate 10 Pro

    Yes the screen is better compared to mate 9. Performance wise, i think thatvthey are the same - s8+ and mate 10pro. How about the mate dual speakers? Are they better than on mate 9? Did you felt the performance difference?
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    Thread S8+ to Mate 10 Pro

    Hello guys, happy new year :) I wanted to ask if somebody switched from an S8+ to M10pro? In my country i have the possibility to change phones every 6 months, by giving the used one back, and taking a new one. The best what i can get is a note 8, which i dont want(allmost same as my s8+ and...
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    Post Mate 9 vs S8+/S8 strikes again!

    Any one can say something good? :D
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    Post Mate 9 vs S8+/S8 strikes again!

    Has anyone changed to the s8+ after the mate 9? Im asking because my 6 month contract is going to the end, as i can give my current phone back and take a new one. So im thinking about s8+ till the mate comes out in december. And if i change ill get the exynos version not the snapdragon one.
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    Post Mate9 is now open source

    Finnaly we will see some custom kernels.
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    Post [ROM] RomAur-v2.2-[16/10]-[UB][7.0_Fw.b197]-FAST-STABLE

    Hm, finaly we have something for our great device. When ill have free time will try this. Waiting for more features in the future.?